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NCSharp covers all forms of legal gambling in North Carolina. We report on currently available gambling options in the state as well as possible new forms of legal gambling. Our editorial approach is to provide unbiased and accurate reporting on issues and concerns related to North Carolina gambling.

There is no shortage of inaccurate and outdated information on the internet. Particularly when searching for news or information about legal gambling in North Carolina or elsewhere, you are likely to encounter sites riddled with misinformation and reporting that fails to follow basic journalistic standards.

NCSharp seeks to provide a reliable, trustworthy resource that readers can count on for up-to-date, authoritative reporting on North Carolina gambling. In order to achieve that goal, we consistently follow strict editorial guidelines for everything that appears on the site.

Our editorial review process at NCSharp

We rely primarily on firsthand information to support our reporting. That means talking directly with individuals such as lawmakers, regulators, or other people involved with NC gambling news. It also means regularly consulting primary documents such as bills, tribal compacts, legal statutes, gambling companies’ statements, and the like.

Our process ensures we can independently verify our reporting and produce original and accurate information that does more than just pass along what others have reported. It also guards against simply sharing rumors or hearsay circulating without any credible source to support it.

Whenever you read an article or consult an informational page here at NCSharp, everything you read will be supported by primary, verifiable sources. In this way, we provide a resource that other outlets can trust and cite themselves when reporting on NC gambling matters.

Legal and ethical standards at NCSharp

NCSharp is part of the Catena Media network of sites reporting on gambling in the US and around the world. Many additional “Play” sites in our network focus on gambling in other US states, as well as on gambling from a national perspective.

That focus on legal gambling not only guides us when it comes to what types of stories we report, but also our overall approach to providing information about NC gambling. You will find a lot of information clarifying just what is legal and what is not when it comes to gambling in the state. Such information can be difficult to find online sometimes, so NCSharp aims to fill that void by answering all questions about legal gambling in NC.

Besides adhering to journalistic standards when reporting, we also take a clear stance against all forms of illegal gambling. That includes betting sites located outside of North Carolina (and usually outside the US) that invite North Carolinians to gamble with real money on casino games, sports and the like. We strongly advise everyone in NC to avoid such sites, as they present risks both in terms of money and personal information. You will notice that when we mention such “offshore” sites, we often repeat that warning to steer clear of them.

Across the Catena Media network, all of our affiliate partnerships are exclusively with legal gambling entities that abide by the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where they operate. We have no partnerships with illegal and unregulated gambling sites, and you will not find us promoting them.

We also are strong proponents of responsible gambling. We strive to provide comprehensive information about how to practice responsible gambling and how to receive support if you or someone close to you falls victim to problem gambling. You’ll find information about responsible gambling throughout our site and sometimes as part of our reporting, as well.

Quality control through editing, fact-checking, ensuring clarity

Each article and informational page that we publish undergoes a rigorous review from multiple members of our staff. We begin by editing to eliminate surface-level errors (spelling, grammar, typos, etc.) and fact-checking for accuracy. Our editorial staff also reviews every item for tone and clarity to ensure the content reads well and communicates information clearly.

You can count on every article or informational page representing our best efforts to provide quality reporting on NC gambling.

Corrections? Let us know

Of course we are human, which means that mistakes can occur despite such a careful procedure to eliminate them. Given the ever-changing nature of the gambling industry, there may also be times when a page briefly falls out of date, even though we revise frequently to reflect any new developments.

If you happen to notice anything at NCSharp that appears amiss, please send us a note to let us know, and we will make any necessary corrections.

Affiliate partnerships and avoiding conflicts of interest

As we said above, NCSharp and Catena Media have affiliate partnerships with legal and regulated gambling companies. We are very selective when forming these alliances, only working with legal and authorized entities. In some cases, our partnerships enable us to offer bonuses and other promotions here on the site, including some that are exclusive to NCSharp readers.

However, our affiliate partners have no editorial input on our reporting at NCSharp. Both our choice of stories and approach to reporting are entirely under the purview of our staff. Given our goal to produce reliable and objective reporting on North Carolina gambling, we accept no outside input at any point of our editorial process from our affiliate partners or anyone else.

We also do not accept outside advertising at NCSharp. As a result, companies cannot promote their products here by purchasing ad space. That policy also helps us maintain editorial control and objectivity.

Advertising policy at NCSharp

Any advertising that appears at NCSharp results from agreements between us and our affiliate partnerships.

While we appreciate those who are interested in advertising on our site, we do not accept any advertising offers from outside sources. We also do not offer any advertising contracts.

Contacting NCSharp

Our goal at NCSharp is to become your top resource for everything there is to know regarding current and future legal gambling options in the Tar Heel State. Check back often to keep up with the latest news.

Also do not hesitate to contact us with any feedback or suggestions, including any corrections or any questions about NC gambling-related topics you haven’t been able to find on the site. You can reach us by email here.

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