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Are you a member of the media reporting on North Carolina gambling? NCSharp is always glad to share our insight and assist anyone seeking to learn more about gambling in the state.

Perhaps you are researching a story on North Carolina’s ongoing efforts to expand legal sports betting in the state. Or maybe you’re writing about the North Carolina Education Lottery or events at Harrah’s Cherokee Resort Casino, such as the World Series of Poker Circuit. You will find both background information and current reporting on such topics on this site.

However, if you need additional information or have further questions related to NC gambling, feel free to reach out and contact us directly. We are happy to share our knowledge of the history of legal gambling in North Carolina and of current gambling-related news and events in the state.

The NCSharp staff includes industry experts and analysts who have reported on gambling both in North Carolina and elsewhere. Some are based in the state and know about the various legal machinations and other moments that have helped shape the current state of North Carolina gambling. As a result, our staff can be an excellent resource for anyone who can benefit from such perspective and understanding.

NCSharp is part of the Catena Media network of sites, which means we have even more resources upon which to call. We reach out to our colleagues at times when doing our own reporting, and you can take advantage of them, as well. Our staff and others at Catena Media are also available to conduct special research or analyses and/or make media appearances on podcasts and other programs.

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