Duke Basketball Odds

Duke basketball odds are some of the most exciting to watch in college basketball. The Duke Blue Devils basketball program is a true “blue blood” in the sport. Head coach Mike Krzyzewski–affectionately referred to as “Coach K”–raised the program to great heights and led the program to all five of their national titles. As a fixture in the North Carolina sports betting landscape, they naturally have a strong in-state following in addition to a national profile. Unfortunately for those who are looking to review the odds and place wagers on the Blue Devils, sports betting is not yet legal in North Carolina.

To ensure we’re covering all of our bases, it’s necessary to mention that the state passed a bill in 2019 legalizing sports wagering on tribal lands. Following the passing of that law, two Cherokee-owned and operated retail sportsbooks were established in the western part of the state.

For our purposes, however, we’re predominantly focused on the legalization and launch of sports betting throughout the entire state. If and when North Carolina passes legalized sports betting, residents are likely to be able to place wagers at more convenient retail sportsbooks and even from the convenience of their own mobile devices.

Duke Basketball Odds At The Best Sportsbooks

Sportsbook NCAA Odds
DraftKings Sportsbook North Carolina+9000
FanDuel Sportsbook North Carolina+14000
BetMGM North Carolina+10000

Duke perennially boasts one of the most talented rosters in the country, and routinely sends players into the NBA. It’s no wonder they own some of the shorter odds across several sportsbooks. There’s something to be said for experience, and the extensive experience Coach K brings to the equation is unrivaled among the coaches considered “better” bets to cut down the nets.

Where Can You Bet On Duke Basketball

While there is hope and optimism that legal sports gambling will arrive in North Carolina before the conclusion of 2022, state residents are not yet able to wager on sports in a way that abides by state law.

Online Sportsbooks In North Carolina

The North Carolina Lottery Commission would be tasked with issuing up to 12 sports betting licenses if and when sports betting is legalized. Among the 12, some would be retail — or brick and mortar — locations. Others would be online sportsbooks that can be accessed from mobile apps and offer bonuses.

Retail Sportsbooks In North Carolina

If sports betting arrives in North Carolina, it’s reasonable to expect retail sportsbooks to follow soon after. There’s a precedent of sportsbooks opening within stadiums. If North Carolina follows in the footsteps of other states that have legalized sports betting within their borders, it’s likely one — or more — sportsbooks will open at one of the state’s viable sporting venues.

North Carolina law will allow venues with a capacity of at least 17,000 to host a sportsbook on-site. Charlotte’s Spectrum Center and Bank of America Stadium, Raleigh’s PNC Arena, and the Greensboro Coliseum are some of the in-state venues that meet the attendance requirement.

Duke Schedule 2022

The first part of the college basketball season features several prestigious non-conference matchups, but the second part of the season is when we see most of the top rivalries. The conference schedule leads into the ACC Basketball Tournament which leads into the NCAA Tournament.

Speaking of top rivalries, Duke plays its chief nemesis, the North Carolina Tar Heels, at least twice each season. Occasionally college basketball fans are treated to a third matchup in the conference tournament. A strong finish in the regular season and a quality showing in the conference tournament could put Duke in great standing for the NCAA Tournament. Their favorable odds reflect the high likelihood that they will qualify for the “Big Dance.”

Duke Betting News And Updates

There is one overwhelming storyline when it comes to Duke basketball: the pending retirement of basketball coaching legend Coach K. The degree to which the team or individual players are affected — positively or negatively — as the narrative builds to a crescendo remains to be seen. However, it’s likely we see longer futures odds for the Duke Blue Devils in upcoming seasons. At least until Jon Scheyer, Duke’s next head coach, proves that he’s a capable basketball boss.

How Are Duke Basketball Betting Odds Calculated?

“Money line” odds may be the simplest odds for someone entering the sports betting market to grasp. Generally speaking, bettors wagering the money line will simply pick a winner. In a money line wager, the favorite is represented by a minus (-) sign while the underdog is represented by a plus (+) sign. Consider for a moment that Duke heads into a matchup listed as -150. The talent gap between Duke and its opponent is often wide, so it’s not a shock to see them favored so heavily.

In this case, a bettor will be required to put up $150 for the chance to net $100 in the event of a Blue Devils victory.  If Duke is the underdog in a particular matchup, their odds may be +110. Bettors may need to wait until deep into the NCAA Tournament to see Duke on the plus-money side of the matchup. In this scenario, a bettor would put up $100 for the opportunity to net $110 for a Duke win.

A lot goes into the process of setting lines and odds. Sportsbooks employ oddsmakers who are responsible for conducting extensive research to come up with the right numbers. Once the line opens and money starts pouring in, the task for oddsmakers is balancing the risk to ensure the book comes out ahead. A natural progression from money line betting is point spread betting. It’s similar in the respect that a bettor chooses a side. However, instead of selecting a winner, the task is to select a side to “cover.” A team can cover while winning or losing; a team can also fail to cover while winning or losing.

For instance, if Duke is a heavy favorite, the spread may be set at -12.5. In this case, they need to win by 13 in order to cover the spread. Larger spreads indicate a higher likelihood of a win, but bettors must weigh the risk of determining if the favorite will win by such a significant margin. If Duke wins this game 113-100, they will have covered the spread. However, if they only win 112-100, they will have failed to cover the 12.5-point spread.

On the other end of the spectrum, a bettor can wager on the underdog. Duke rarely gets points — quick aside: a favorite “lays” points while an underdog “gets” points — but if they’re +2.5 on the spread, they need to lose by no more than 2. So, a bettor who sides with Duke at +2.5 will win the wager if Duke loses 80-78. But if they lose 80-77, they will fail to cover the spread. While this may be confusing to someone just starting out, a little practice is all it takes to become more comfortable with money line and point spread betting.

Duke Basketball Futures Odds

SportsbookNCAA OddsFinal FourACC Odds
DraftKings Sportsbook+1300+240-300
FanDuel Sportsbook+1400+270-280
BetMGM Sportsbook+1000N/A-300

It’s safe to expect Duke to be featured in the NCAA Tournament, but those who support the Blue Devils know that simply making the field is only the tip of the iceberg. Advancing to the Final Four is the standard for the sports’ blue bloods, and Duke is certainly among that class. Their odds of reaching the semifinal round are relatively short, and that’s no surprise considering their talent.

Duke Basketball Prop Bets

Proposition bets, referred to as “prop” bets for short, are fun wagers that can be made on an individual’s accomplishments in a game or over a season, or on a team. These accomplishments don’t necessarily relate to one side winning or losing, but the way the odds work can be similar, i.e. something that is more likely to happen will carry the minus (-) while something less likely to occur will carry the plus (+).

An example of a player prop bet is “Will Player X score Over/Under 20.5 points?” Additionally, a team-related prop may be “Will Team X make Over/Under 11.5 three-pointers?” Props are a great way for bettors to become exposed and invested in more aspects of a particular contest.

How Can North Carolina Residents Bet On Duke?

Unfortunately for those anxiously awaiting the chance to bet on Duke, there are a couple of pieces of potentially bad news. First and foremost, legal sports betting isn’t available within the state of North Carolina. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that more progress could be made on that front in 2022, and we’ll continue to provide updates on those developments.

However, bettors need to consider that even when legalized sports betting arrives in North Carolina, they may not be allowed to bet on the Blue Devils. It’s not uncommon among states that have legalized sports betting to prohibit bets on college programs operating in-state. So, while a bettor would be able to bet on most college games, bettors in North Carolina wouldn’t be able to plunk down a few bucks on Duke winning the ACC Tournament or any NCAA Tournament matchup.

This restriction hasn’t explicitly been laid out as part of North Carolina law, but bettors should brace themselves for a reality that prevents them from making wagers on North Carolina-based college programs.

Live Betting On Duke Basketball In North Carolina

Sportsbook apps in the industry are faced with stiff competition and thus are pushed to deliver a better product for their bettors. One feature that several books are offering is live, in-game wagering. While wagers are traditionally made before the start of a game, these live wagers can be placed while the game is in progress.

Consider the hypothetical scenario of Duke entering a game as a 15-point favorite. If their opponent gets off to a torrid start and the first half ends locked at 45-45, Duke’s updated odds may fall to -8. A bettor who remains bullish on the Blue Devils proceeding to a comfortable win can bet on them with friendlier odds. The list of sportsbook apps that feature live, in-game betting includes but is not limited to FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook. Both are great books for any bettor to keep in his or her rotation.

How To Bet On The NCAA Tournament In North Carolina

Just so we’re covering all the bases, North Carolina residents willing to travel to the western region of the state can visit one of the two Cherokee-owned and operated sportsbooks. Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington DC are relatively short distances from North Carolina. Those desperate to bet online could consider a road trip, but there are not currently any avenues for bettors to enjoy sports gambling in the state.

Duke Basketball Arena

The Duke Blue Devils play their home game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, one of the most iconic venues in college sports. The multipurpose arena holds a modest 9,314 — significantly fewer than several of their conference rivals — but produces one of the most intimidating environments for visiting teams. The raucous atmosphere certainly serves as an added home-court advantage for the Blue Devils, who rarely lose at home. The arena is located at 115 Whitford Drive in  Durham, North Carolina.

Duke Basketball Odds FAQs

 Does DraftKings provide odds on Duke Basketball?

Yes. DraftKings offers odds and lines on Duke basketball games and futures. DraftKings also provides its users with live, in-game betting.

How do oddsmakers set the lines for Duke Basketball?

Oddsmakers consider numerous factors to arrive at a particular line or set of odds on a matchup or for a team. Among the considerations include a team’s current run of play, their opponent’s current run of play, injuries, and home/road performance among others.

Where can I find the best odds on Duke Basketball?

Instead of seeking the “best” book, bettors should keep multiple sportsbook apps in their rotation. Even though the odds ultimately wind up in a similar range, not every sportsbook makes the same adjustments at the same time. Bettors can often find better odds for a matchup from one book on a given day than another. However, in another day or two, a different book may have the most favorable odds. It pays to shop around.

 What sportsbooks are legal in North Carolina?

North Carolina does not have legal sports betting at this time. However, the expectation is for retail and mobile betting to arrive once sports betting is legalized. We’ll continue to update the expected launch of sportsbooks, but it’s reasonable to expect FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook to be available.

Where can I bet on the NCAA Tournament in North Carolina?

Technically speaking, North Carolinians can bet at one of the two Cherokee-owned and operated sportsbooks in the western part of the state. For now, though, that is the only option.

 How popular is Duke Basketball?

Duke seemingly has as many fans who root for them as they do fans who root vehemently against them. When a team is so polarizing, it’s often a sign that they will have a lot of action on the betting front.

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