NC State Football Odds

The NC State football season is well underway, with the Wolfpack hoping to pick up where they left off in the previous campaign. They put together a formidable 9-3 record in 2021, finishing second in the ACC Atlantic Division behind Wake Forest. The Pack missed out on an opportunity to hit double-digit wins as a result of the cancellation of the Holiday Bowl against UCLA. 

As the 2022 season unfolds, Wolfpack fans will have two ways to get some skin in the game: at either of the state’s two Caesars Sportsbooks or at Catawba Two Kings Casino. They won’t be able to back their local team by betting online — at least not this season. 

SB 688 barely missed its mark in the House in 2022, falling one vote short of passage. Consequently, discussions regarding legal sports betting in North Carolina will be tabled until the next legislative session.  

As we build up to the seemingly imminent legalization of mobile sports betting in the Tar Heel State, we’ll go over NC State ACC Football championship odds, team schedule, and a bunch of other stuff you should consider when making your NCAA picks.  

North Carolina State Odds at the Best Sportsbooks

Online SportsbookNC State NCAAF 2022-23 winner odds
DraftKings Sportsbook North Carolina+100000
Caesars Sportsbook North Carolina+250000
BetRivers Sportsbook North Carolina+150000

Where Can You Bet on the NC State Wolfpack?

All three retail sportsbooks in North Carolina have odds on professional and college games, including the NCAAF. So, you can bet on the NC State Wolfpack in person at any of these venues. 

You’ll get the best bang for your buck at Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. As promising as Catawba Two Kings Casino’s new sportsbook might look, it still can’t compete with Caesars, one of the nation’s top gambling operators.

Competitive odds are Caesars’ calling card. Whether it’s their mobile app or their land-based sportsbook, they consistently offer the best lines for NFL and NCAAF games.

Online Sportsbooks in NC

North Carolina was on the cusp of legalizing online sports betting in 2022. SB 688 passed the Senate but fell apart in the House of Representatives. The voters couldn’t agree on whether betting on college sports should be banned. College sports are big in NC, so not everyone was on board with such a prohibition as it would drastically reduce revenue.

SB 688 would have allowed up to 12 online sportsbooks to enter the market if it had been passed into law. We expect the new draft to include provisions for a similar number of apps since the market capacity was never a point of contention.  

Once given a chance, many of the industry’s most elite sportsbooks are expected to rush to North Carolina. The probable lineup includes DraftKings North Carolina, BetMGM North Carolina, FanDuel NC, and Caesars Sportsbook NC, which already has a presence on the ground.

These brands all take bets on NCAAF. Regarding NC State Wolfpack’s odds to win the NCAA championship, Caesars currently leads the pack at +250000, but these lines will fluctuate as the season progresses. You can bet with the Caesars online sportsbook from neighboring Virginia or Tennessee.

Retail Sportsbooks in NC

The best NC State Wolfpack odds can be found at the two tribal casinos that run Caesars sportsbooks. Both Harrah’s North Carolina properties are located in the Western part of the state, 220+ miles from Charlotte and Raleigh. Here are the exact addresses: 

  • Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River: 777 Casino Pkwy, Murphy, NC 28906, United States
  • Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort: 777 Casino Dr, Cherokee, NC 28719, United States

Both physical locations offer wall-to-wall coverage of the NFL and NCAAF. You can have action on the ACC Championship and NCAAF national championship winner markets in addition to individual NC State games.

NC State Wolfpack Schedule 2022

NC State had a relatively demanding schedule to kick off the 2022 season, facing reigning ACC champion Clemson and Syracuse on the road in the first seven games. Throughout the season, the Wolfpack play most of their games at home.

  • @ East Carolina, Saturday, September 3; W 21-20
  • vs. Charleston So, Saturday, September 10; W 55-3 
  • vs. Texas Tech, Sunday, September 18; W 27-14 
  • vs. Connecticut, Sunday, September 25; W 41-10
  • @ Clemson, Sunday, October 2; L 30-20
  • vs. Florida State, Sunday, October 9; W 19-17
  • @ Syracuse, Saturday, October 15; L 24-9
  • vs. Virginia Tech, Friday, October 28 
  • vs. Wake Forest, Saturday, November 5 
  • vs. Boston College, Saturday, November 12 
  • @ Louisville, Saturday, November 19 
  • @ UNC, Friday, November 25 

          How NC State Wolfpack Betting Odds Are Calculated

          In what way are NC State Wolfpack odds generated? What factors influence line movement? How to read odds charts and calculate payouts? Before you get into the thick of the action, you should learn these fundamentals. 

          For the longest period, betting odds were manufactured by Las Vegas sportsbooks. Each major Vegas book had a team of oddsmakers on hand — a team of professionals who set odds based on an in-depth analysis of key trends and relevant data. Their opening line would be their educated guess of an outcome. 

          The oddsmaking process hasn’t changed with the advent of betting sites — it just migrated online. Juggernauts like DraftKings and FanDuel do their oddsmaking in-house or collaborate with companies specializing in odds-making services like Kambi. Oddsmakers today use sophisticated algorithms and modern software to make their predictions considering factors such as:

          • Historical data 
          • Previous encounters 
          • Weather
          • Injuries 
          • H2H 

          The sportsbooks adjust their odds on the fly depending on how the betting public, especially professional bettors (sharps), respond to the opening lines. 

          Let’s say NC State opens as a +250 underdog, but sharps jump on those odds, believing they don’t accurately represent the Wolfpack’s chances. In response, the books would come down heavily on NC State, lowering their odds to +200 or less.

          As far as betting odds are concerned, sportsbooks have a high degree of uniformity. In large part, arbitrage bettors are responsible for the consistency between betting lines. The arbitrageur is a bettor who can take advantage of even the smallest market anomalies.

          Despite the sportsbooks’ best efforts, inconsistencies occur. That’s why you should always scout different places when searching for the best odds at NC sportsbooks

          NC State Wolfpack Moneyline Odds 

          The moneyline bet is the most straightforward wager you can make in any sport, including NCAAF. It’s simply betting on the side you believe will win the contest. Moneyline betting on football is a two-way market — you pick between two teams. 

          Calculating potential payouts for moneyline bets are done differently for favorites and underdogs. 

          A minus (-) sign is attached to the favorite’s odds, and the number shows how much you need to bet to win $100. Let’s say NC State Wolfpack odds are -105 against Syracuse. You would have to bet $105 on NC State to win $100. 

          Underdogs are represented by a plus (+) sign on the moneyline, and the price shows how much you would win if you bet $100 on them. A $100 bet on NC State to win at +200 would net a $200 profit.

          NC State Wolfpack Point Spread 

          The point spread, also known as the handicap, is a wager on how many points a team will lose or win by. Essentially, a wager on the margin of victory. 

          A certain amount of points (spread range) is deducted from the favorite’s total and added to the underdog’s. The upshot of this is that both sides are on equal footing.

          Here’s an example of how spreads odds are displayed:

          • NC State Wolfpack (-3.5) -110 vs. Boston College (+3.5) -110

          If NC State wins by four or more points, anyone who’s placed a point spread bet on them will win.

          NC State Wolfpack Futures Odds 

          A futures bet is a wager on an outcome that will be decided down the road. Individual player awards, seasonal milestones, division winners, and championship winners fall under this category, along with a few other markets. 

          NCAAF and major sports attract massive betting interest. To meet the growing demand, some sportsbooks get creative with their offerings. As a result, you may come across unique options like NC State draft odds or NC State odds of making the playoffs.  

          As for NCAAF, the selection doesn’t go beyond championship winner odds. You may also find conference winner odds at some books.

          Here are the current NC State Wolfpack playoff odds at BetMGM and Caesars, two of the industry’s top-rated sportsbooks.  

          NC State NCAA National Championship 2022/23 odds+250000 (Caesars Sportsbook NC)
          To win the ACC conference+15000 (BetMGM Sportsbook NC)

          NC State Prop Bets 

          Prop bets are exotic wagers made on aspects that have no bearing on the outcome, at least not directly. It can be anything from which team wins the coin toss to how a specific player performs in a particular statistical category. Here are some examples of prop bets that are commonly offered for NC State games: 

          • Race to 10/20 Points 
          • Both teams to score 10/20/30 or more 
          • Who will record the 1st score in the game 
          • Which team will score the first TD 
          • Will the game go into OT 
          • Winning margin 

          How to Bet on the NC State in North Carolina 

          For the time being, the only way to legally bet on the NC State Wolfpack team in North Carolina is in-person at one of the three brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Note that they aren’t particularly close to major population centers in the state, so you could be in for a long drive. 

          When you get to the sportsbook, you can use the self-service terminals to place bets. You only have to select your wager, type in the stake, and enter the stake amount (via cash or card) to print the slip.

          What’s more, you may be able to find some North Carolina sports betting bonuses at Caesars Sportsbooks onsite at Harrah’s casinos and pick up some loyalty benefits if you play there frequently.

          Live Betting on the NC State in North Carolina

          Live betting is in-demand among football fans. This form of betting allows you to wager while the game is in full swing. It requires quick reaction times from players as the odds and lines constantly change throughout the contest to reflect scoring and momentum changes. 

          You can make a range of in-play bets on NC State games, including the standard moneylines, spreads, and totals, plus several game props. Some books, like DraftKings, have adopted the micro-betting feature, allowing their users to bet on the outcome of each possession in NCAAF games. 

          How to Bet on NCAAF in North Carolina 

          College football is right up there with major sports in terms of betting coverage. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of different ways to bet on the NCAAF. As marquee matchups usually create a buzz among bettors, NC State vs. North Carolina Tar Heels odds may vary.

          You can bet on individual NCAAF games or go with the long-term futures, such as odds of winning the ACC football championship or odds of winning the national championships. Futures odds are released long before the season starts and then updated each week. It’s also possible to construct large parlays by selecting several picks and combining them into one bet.

          Carter-Finley Stadium 

          The NC State Wolfpack football team plays its home games at Carter-Finley Stadium. It’s located several miles away from downtown Raleigh, the state capital. The venue opened in 1966 and has a seating capacity of almost 60,000. 

          Name: Carter-Finley Stadium

          Address: 4600 Trinity Rd, Raleigh, NC 27607, United States

          Capacity: 57,583

          Opened: 1966

          Main tenants NC State Wolfpack football team

          NC State Football Odds FAQ

          Does NC State have any partnerships with a sportsbook?

          No, the NC State Wolfpack football team doesn’t have a sports betting partner, nor has it announced any plans to sign one. 

          Is FanDuel legal in North Carolina?

          No, FanDuel Sportsbook isn’t legal in North Carolina. You can enter FanDuel’s daily fantasy sports competitions but can’t use the operator’s sports betting platform.  

          How popular is betting on the NC State Wolfpack?

          College sports have a massive following in North Carolina. By extension, betting on the NC State Wolfpack is immensely popular, a tick below NFL betting.

          Where can I bet on the ACC Atlantic (and NCAAF) in North Carolina?

          Both Caesars Sportsbooks in North Carolina have college football odds. Otherwise, all major online sportsbooks in the country cover NCAAF and ACC Atlantic competitions. 

          Who has the best odds on NC State?

          Most of the time, Caesars Sportsbook, but that depends on the type of bet and game in question. You should always compare odds across multiple sportsbooks before making your bet.

          Does DraftKings offer odds on NC State?

          Yes, DraftKings offers a wide range of NC State odds, including game props, team props, moneylines, spreads, totals, futures, and even same game parlays.

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