UNC Football Odds

UNC football is back in full swing with head coach Mack Brown and the team already putting up huge numbers. It’s midseason time, and they’re currently at a 6-1 record after a final second win against Duke. More importantly, they are 3-0 in the ACC Coastal and the only team yet to take a conference loss. 

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill came into the season ranked 22nd at both major football polls, and it only took them midseason to become bowl eligible and prove their critics wrong. The team’s hot start has helped Brown get a spot on two watch lists for National Coach of the Year honors. 

North Carolina football program is definitely on the road to winning its second division title (first since 2015), so this is enough reason for fans to huddle at two retail sportsbooks at Caesars Sportsbooks at Harrah’s Cherokee Casinos or Catawba Two Kings Casino and take advantage of good UNC football NCAAF odds. 

Unfortunately, legal online sports betting in North Carolina is still out of the picture for now. SB 688 couldn’t get the needed support from the House at the end of the last year’s legislative season, but the momentum is still there. 

As we follow the latest developments, we’ll go over the team’s schedule, odds, and other important information about UNC football to help you make the best possible picks.

UNC Football Odds at the Best Sportsbooks

Online SportsbookUNC football NCAAF 2022/23 winner odds
DraftKings Sportsbook North Carolina+20000
FanDuel Sportsbook North Carolina+15000
Caesars Sportsbook North Carolina+50000

Where Can You Bet on UNC Football?

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River, and Catawba Two Kings Casino are the only places in North Carolina where you can have a dog in the fight and back the Tar Heels. 

The best UNC football odds—and NCAAF odds in general—await at Caesars Sportsbooks at Harrah’s Cherokee casinos in the state, which are in sync with the ones offered by its online counterpart in Virginia and Tennessee. 

Online Sportsbooks in North Carolina

North Carolina was on the verge of legalizing online sports betting last year, but it turned out to be all smoke and no fire when the House voted 51-50 against SB 688. The online sports betting bill would allow up to 12 mobile sports betting apps in the Tar Heel State. However, such propositions will have to wait for the next legislative session. 

Still, NC lawmakers introduced an accompanying bill, SB 38, to address the financial aspects of online sports betting in the state. That bill received the support it needed, but that was actually disappointing to fans wanting to bet on collegiate events. The bill introduced a wagering ban on North Carolina college sports, in addition to the increase of a sports betting license fee from $500,000 to $1 million and a tax hike from 8 to 14%. 

Thankfully, every cloud has a silver lining and in this case, the passage of SB 38 is entirely dependent on the passage of SB 688, so if a new bill gets introduced, it might override the adopted ban on college sports betting. 

Retail Sportsbooks in North Carolina

Chapel Hill Tar Heels odds are found at Caesars Sportsbooks at two tribal casinos: Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in Cherokee and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River in Murphy, both located some 200+ miles from Raleigh and Charlotte. The third option, the retail sportsbook at Catawba Two Kings Casino is the closest one to Charlotte, only 33.6 miles from the city. 

All sportsbooks offer comprehensive NCAAF and NFL coverage, including the futures markets for the winners of the college football national championship bowl game, Super Bowl, divisional winners, and more. 

UNC Football Schedule 2022

Tar Heels football is on a three-game winning streak, with a 6–1 overall record so far, losing only to Notre Dame at home. Thanks to the “Week Zero” match against Florida A&M, the team has got a second bye week in Week Eight as it prepares to take on Pittsburgh on the gridiron of Kenan Memorial Stadium. Here’s the complete schedule of UNC football: 

  • vs. Florida A&M, Saturday, August 27, W 56-24
  • at Appalachian State, Saturday, September 3, W 63-61
  • at Georgia State, Saturday, September 10, W 35-28
  • vs. Notre Dame, Saturday, September 24, L 32-45
  • vs. Virginia Tech, Saturday, October 1, W 41-10
  • at Miami, Saturday, October 8, W 27-24
  • at Duke, Saturday, October 15, W 38-35
  • vs. Pittsburgh, 8 p.m. Saturday, October 29
  • at Virginia, Saturday, November 5, TBD
  • at Wake Forest, Saturday, November 12, TBD
  • vs. Georgia Tech, Saturday, November 19, TBD
  • vs. NC State, Friday, November 25, Noon, 1 or 3:30 p.m.

How UNC Football Betting Odds Are Calculated

UNC football odds are the result of meticulous analysis from oddsmakers and complex algorithms they use to see how likely certain outcomes of Tar Heels football games are. 

The oddsmakers used to be exclusive to Las Vegas sportsbooks, but nowadays, the opening lines are brought to you by all online and retail sportsbooks through their in-house oddsmakers or third-party providers. These odds and lines may differ slightly, although the process of coming up with those opening lines and your potential payouts are much the same. 

These math and statistics experts supply the algorithm with essential details about the matchups, such as previous results, historical data, weather, roster changes, the teams’ trends in the 1st half vs. 2nd half, current form, and many others. 

The movements of the opening lines depend on the reaction of the public and the purchase trends by professional bettors. Namely, if the lines for the Tar Heels football open at -110 as 4-point favorites and many bettors decide to have their dogs in that fight, the bookmakers may shift the lines to -105 or even change the point spread. 

This is enough reason to consider shopping the lines as soon as they open because that may very well be the best odds at North Carolina sportsbooks you can find.  

UNC Football Moneyline Odds 

Moneyline is the simplest wager you can place in all sports, including college football. It’s a straightforward two-way market where you bet on the winner of the game by picking either of the two teams. 

To calculate the potential return, you need to factor in the lines and odds. The favorites are represented by a minus (-) sign, while the underdogs have a (+) sign next to their names. For example, the UNC football vs. Duke odds may read -120 for the Tar Heels and +200 for Duke Blue Devils. To win $100, you’ll need to bet $120 on North Carolina. 

If you decide to back Duke in this matchup, then the plus sign will indicate how much you stand to win from a $100 bet. In this case, you could net $200 in profit.

UNC Football Point Spread 

A point spread is a bet where you wager on the team or player to win the game according to an indicated point spread. The spread is a margin created by oddsmakers to set the gap between the favorites and the underdogs in the contest. The favorites will have negative (-) odds, while the underdogs will have positive (+) odds attached to their names. 

The favorites’ points are deducted from the team and distributed to the underdogs to level the playing field and make betting more interesting and challenging. 

The lines for point spread in NCAAF betting are always at -110, just like in NFL. Let’s illustrate that with an example: 

  • North Carolina University at Chapel Hill Tar Heels (-4.5) vs. NC State Wolfpack (+4.5)

If you back UNC football, the Tar Heels need to win by five or more points for the point spread to stand. On the other hand, if you bet on the NC State Wolfpack, the team needs to lose by 4 or fewer points — or win the contest for you to cash out the winnings. 

UNC Football Futures Odds 

A futures bet is a bet on the outcome of sporting events in the near or distant future. You can bet on the regular season’s win totals, conference and divisional winners, or take advantage of the UNC football draft odds

As for NCAAF, the most popular futures market is betting on the championship winner. However, sportsbooks will also offer UNC football odds of making the playoffs, odds of being the divisional winners, and odds of winning the ACC championship in football. Considering the team’s hot start, these are quite appealing. 

Here are the current UNC football playoff odds as offered by DraftKings and Caesars: 

UNC football NCAA National Championship 2022/23 odds+15000 (Caesars Sportsbook NC)
To make the playoffsYes (+2200) / No (-20000) (DraftKings Sportsbook NC)

UNC Football Prop Bets 

Proposition or prop bets are exotic bets that aren’t directly concerned with the outcome of the game but rather some statistical performance by teams and players. These bets range from how many points the team will win or lose by, which team will be the one to score first, or will the game finish in overtime or not. 

Player props are mainly connected to the number of passing yards or whether a specific player will make Over or Under that number. 

How to Bet on the UNC Football in North Carolina 

The only way to bet on Tar Heels football in North Carolina is through retail sportsbooks located at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino, and Catawba Two Kings Casino sportsbook. 

College football betting is available to all individuals aged 21 years or older. You can present your betting ticket at betting kiosks and windows, which become accepted by both parties once validated by the teller machine or the live teller. 

At the moment, you can find the best UNC football odds in North Carolina at Caesars Sportsbooks, but it’s only a matter of time before the book at Catawba Two Kings Casino catches up. 

Live Betting on UNC Football Tar Heels in North Carolina

In-play wagering is very popular among college football bettors, as it allows placing wagers on in-progress games. Such a form of betting demands a lot of attention since the lines and odds shift momentarily to reflect the action on the field. 

You can explore many live or in-play bets such as the standard moneyline and point spread wagers, plus an array of game props like which team will score next. A lot of live bettors describe this form of betting as nerve-racking since many want to wait for something momentous to happen to make a bet. For example, they’ll wait for another team to score, then take advantage of the best odds for UNC football since they’re now trailing and are put in a disadvantageous position. 

Such strategies can be rewarding but also very risky, so it’s essential to engage in live betting with utmost care. 

How to Bet on NCAAF in North Carolina 

Betting on collegiate sporting events is highly popular in the Tar Heel State. Sportsbooks offer great coverage not only on UNC football but also on NC State and other teams from the NCAAF. The odds for these fixtures are regularly boosted by North Carolina sports betting bonuses to create an even bigger buzz amongst bettors, especially when rivalries between the two teams are heated. 

Besides the opportunity on good UNC football odds to win NCAAF and other long-term futures, you can explore different props and even construct parlays with two or more selections on the betslip. Caesars Sportsbooks at Harrah’s casinos even offer same-game parlays that may contain up to 10 legs. 

Kenan Memorial Stadium

Kenan Memorial Stadium, located in Chapel Hill, was constructed in 1927 and can fit 50,500 spectators. It supplanted Emerson Field as the home of the North Carolina Tar Heels since the latter was too small to house the increasing number of fans. The stadium was funded by William R. Kenan Jr., a prominent businessman and UNC alumnus who wanted the stadium to be a memorial for his parents. 

Name: Kenan Memorial Stadium

Address: 104 Stadium Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Capacity: 50,500

Opened: 1927

Main tenants: North Carolina Tar Heels football team

UNC Football Odds FAQ

Does UNC football have any partnerships with a sportsbook?

No, UNC football has no ongoing or pending partnerships with sports betting companies. 

Where can I bet on NCAAF in North Carolina?

You can bet on NCAAF at three retail sportsbooks in North Carolina: Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River, and Catawba Two Kings Casino. 

Who has the best odds on UNC Tar Heels football?

Bettors can find the best odds for Tar Heels football at Caesars Sportsbooks at Harrah’s Cherokee casinos in Cherokee and Murphy. 

What's the closest sportsbook to UNC football stadium?

The closest sportsbook to Kenan Memorial Stadium is found at Catawba Two Kings Casino, about 170 miles from the venue

Is DraftKings legal in North Carolina?

No, DraftKings isn’t legal in North Carolina. Their presence largely depends on the future legalization of online sports betting in the state. 

Is FanDuel legal in North Carolina?

FanDuel is another sports betting behemoth that doesn’t have a presence in North Carolina. 

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