NBA Game Lines at North Carolina Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks post the three major NBA game lines—spreads, moneylines and totals—for every game of the regular season through to the NBA Finals.

That means thousands of NBA game line odds will be available when North Carolina legalizes sports betting online. See below for current NBA betting lines as posted directly from legal online sportsbooks (when live), plus how to decipher the odds and bet on NBA lines in North Carolina.

This week’s NBA betting lines

See below for current NBA game odds at legal online sportsbooks. Once North Carolina sportsbooks launch, you can click on any game line to go to the sportsbook, sign up for an account, and claim your sign-up bonus.

NC sportsbooks with the best NBA lines

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook NC has more live NBA betting markets than any other sportsbook.

DK’s pre-game NBA game lines are always competitive, and standard NBA game lines are coupled with unique bets like head-to-head player props and quick same game parlays. DraftKings Sportsbook also often runs NBA promos like odds boosts and bonuses for top-player scoring in big NBA games.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel NC Sportsbook is competitive when it comes to standard NBA game lines and several alternative lines. Unique NBA bets found on this platform include various player prop combos and ‘‘Race To” scoring props. FanDuel’s regular NBA promos include No Sweat NBA Parlays and odds boosts.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sports NC is probably the most competitive sportsbook when it comes to lines for NBA games.

Standard NBA game lines can be better than the competition here and offer improved odds. Unique NBA bets include intra-conference parlay bets and same game parlays. Plus, Caesars runs regular NBA odds boosts and parlay insurance promos. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn Tier Credits and Reward Credits with Caesars Rewards.

BetMGM Sports

BetMGM North Carolina always has competitive NBA game lines. This sportsbook goes beyond the standard game lines to bets on every part of NBA games and the entire NBA season.

Unique NBA lines available at MGM include:

  • BetMGM’s Fast Break (First Player to Score)
  • Big Buckets (Total Points Scored)

BetMGM’s NBA promotions include odds boosts on NBA One Game Parlays and more.

How to bet on NBA game lines in NC

Once North Carolina approves sports betting and licenses the state’s first online sportsbooks, you’ll be able to bet on NBA games with these six steps:

  1. Click any one of the licensed sportsbook links on this page.
  2. Click for your device’s specific download link.
  3. Install the app and let its geolocation service check that you are in North Carolina.
  4. Register for an account and claim the latest welcome bonus using any NC sportsbook promo or bonus code on this page.
  5. Make a deposit using your most convenient method.
  6. Look through the NBA game lines, click on a line, and fill out a bet slip to place a bet.

Who sets NBA game lines?

Some sportsbooks employ oddsmakers who are experts in NBA basketball and betting to set game lines. Others copy odds on NBA games from other sportsbooks. Oddsmakers set NBA games lines using algorithms and computer modeling that considers the latest stats, home court, injury reports, historical data and public betting patterns.

What are the differences between Vegas lines and local NBA lines?

There isn’t much of a difference between NBA game lines in Las Vegas and the rest of the country. If anything, most sportsbooks across the US copy NBA game lines from Las Vegas sportsbooks that employ the industry’s top oddsmakers. That means the Vegas line is still the industry standard.

Most of the time, if you see a difference between a local sportsbook’s line and the one posted at Vegas sportsbooks, it’s because big betting forced the local sportsbook to move its line.

When is the best day or time to bet an NBA game line?

NBA teams usually release injury and lineup news at 1 p.m. on game nights. This news may impact the game lines, so it’s a good idea to wait for it to be released and let sportsbooks make the first move.

You may also want to wait and see if public betting forces sportsbooks to move a line. That means the best time to bet on NBA game lines is just before tip-off, allowing all this movement to happen first and adjusting accordingly.

Can you live bet on NBA game lines?

Yes, you can bet on NBA game lines in the middle of games at odds that change based on the time and score. Download and install any sportsbook app on your phone so you can keep up with the live odds and place bets as you watch NBA games.

Are NBA game lines the same at every sportsbook?

Lines on NBA games are pretty much the same at every sportsbook. If you see a difference, it is probably because that sportsbook has moved its line to even out the betting. A sportsbook’s goal with any line is to draw an even amount of betting to both sides of the bet and profit from the small vig baked right into it. Only a sportsbook with uneven betting will move its line, and that’s when you’ll see a difference between its NBA odds and those of other books.

What are the key numbers for NBA game lines?

Because NBA field goals are worth two and three points and free throws are worth one, the key point-spread numbers in basketball betting are one, two and three. These numbers decide most games, so spreads are set with that in mind.

You should consider adjusting your betting if the game lines cross or contradict these key numbers. That said, these numbers are less of a factor in NBA betting compared to three and seven in NFL betting.

What is ‘betting against’ or ‘betting with’ the spread?

When someone is “betting against the spread,” they are betting on the point-spread favorite and giving away the points. “Betting with the spread” is a bet on the underdog, meaning you take the points.

What is ‘consensus’ when it comes to NBA betting lines?

When the public seems to agree on something, you have a consensus. When consensus leads to heavy betting on one side of an NBA game line and sportsbooks move that line, you can take advantage by betting against the consensus at improved odds.

NBA same game parlays

Most sportsbooks now offer same game parlay betting. This means you can combine different NBA bets from the same game into one bet. You’d do this to get better odds than simply betting these lines individually.

Just remember, correlated parlays like this may not offer the same big odds you’d get stacking other parlays. You are free to stack different NBA game line bets, like moneylines and point spreads, in an SGP. Just be careful not to contradict yourself, and link only correlated plays that make sense. Do it right, and you may be able to give yourself an edge.

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