NFL Betting Odds in North Carolina

For every single NFL game of the regular season and playoffs, sportsbooks post betting lines. The 17-game NFL regular-season schedule means you’ve got more shots to bet on NFL game lines than ever before, including online in North Carolina.

Basic NFL game lines include:

  • Point spreads
  • Moneylines
  • Totals (Over/Unders)

Here are the latest NFL betting lines direct from online sportsbooks in North Carolina.

This week’s NFL betting lines

Below see the latest NFL lines from North Carolina online sportsbooks. Click on any game line to go to the sportsbook, sign up, and claim your welcome bonus.

Best NC sportsbooks for NFL betting lines

DraftKings Sportsbook NC

DraftKings is normally the first NC sportsbook to publish its NFL odds. You will find spreads and totals on every single regular season game, many weeks before the season begins. DraftKings is quick to publish its moneylines and props each week too, and the odds are always competitive.

It is interesting to note that DraftKings and FanDuel often take different approaches to the same NFL game. For example, DraftKings was offering market leading moneyline odds of -120 on the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LVIII. Meanwhile, FanDuel offered market beating odds of +106 on the Chiefs to win the game when the opening lines were revealed.

For that reason, it can be useful to register with both DraftKings and FanDuel. You can then place your bets at the app offering the best odds on any pick you like. They offer different promos and prop bets too, so you will gain access to a very broad array of NFL markets by signing up with both NC sportsbooks.

FanDuel Sportsbook NC

Full Review: FanDuel North Carolina

FanDuel regularly provides the best odds in North Carolina on NFL player props. For example, it offered odds of -110 on Patrick Mahomes to throw for over 262.5 yards at Super Bowl LVIII, and -110 on him to throw for under 262.5 yards. By contrast, DraftKings was offering -115 on either side of the same bet, while Caesars Sportsbook was offering -117.

That means FanDuel took a house edge of 4.77% on its NFL odds, whereas the juice was 6.96% at DraftKings and 7.38% at Caesars Sportsbook. Bet365 was the only other NC sportsbook that matched FanDuel in that market. FanDuel and Bet365 also stood out by taking the lowest house edge on player reception props and player rushing props.

Aside from prop bets, FanDuel likes to encourage parlay bets. Its parlay odds are fair, and there are often parlay boost tokens available too. You will also find competitive NFL futures betting odds at FanDuel Sportsbook North Carolina.

Caesars Sportsbook NC

Full Review: Caesars North Carolina

This is the best NC online sportsbook for NFL odds boosts. You will find dozens of boosts during each week of the regular season, and there are always multiple boosts available on every playoff game too. Some of them apply to long-shot parlays and wild props, so they are best avoided, but certain boosts can prove to be lucrative if used judiciously.

Caesars Sportsbook also offers competitive moneylines and standard juice sides and totals. It tends to take a higher house edge than rivals like FanDuel and Bet365 on its NFL props, so it may not be the best option for those bets. However, Caesars Sportsbook is an excellent source of NFL futures, and it provides market leading odds on certain teams to win the Super Bowl or a particular conference or division.

BetMGM North Carolina

Full Review: BetMGM North Carolina

The NFL odds at BetMGM are broadly in line with those found at DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars Sportsbook. It offers standard juice sides and totals, which means you will typically find -110 on either side of a bet, or perhaps -105 / -115. Some of its moneyline odds are better-than-average, and others are below average.

It is certainly worth adding BetMGM when searching for the best NFL odds in North Carolina, as some of its prices are market leading. While BetMGM does not offer as many odds boosts as Caesars and Bet365, you can find some appealing boosts on NFL markets each week. There are sometimes 33% NFL odds boost tokens available, and you can benefit from parlay boost tokens too.

Fanatics NC Sportsbook

Fanatics is a new NFL betting app that is seeking to compete with established rivals such as FanDuel and DraftKings. It has offered similar NFL odds to those online sportsbooks, including standard juice point spreads and totals. Fanatics Sportsbook’s props and futures are reasonably competitive too.

NFL odds boosts are sometimes available within the “Discover” section of the app. This area provides insights on upcoming NFL games, along with details of personalized promos and odds boosts for football fans. Some users on Google Play have praised the lack of “predatory odds boosts” at Fanatics Sportsbook, although others have requested more profit boost tokens.

Bet365 North Carolina

Full Review: Bet365 North Carolina

We can have no complaints about the quality of the NFL odds at Bet365. As mentioned earlier, this sportsbook offers sharper odds on NFL player props than most rival NC sports betting apps. The odds on game props and team props at Bet365 are often attractive too.

The moneyline odds are generally in line with those at competitors in North Carolina. Bet365 never charges more than the standard vigorish on its NFL sides and totals, and the NFL futures betting odds are always average or above average.

Bet365 also offers more NFL odds boosts than most NC sportsbooks. There is a “BET BOOST” section on each game, which highlights a range of same game parlays or props with enhanced odds. Live NFL streaming is available on select games, and you will be offered NFL odds on a huge variety of in-play markets.

How to bet on NFL game lines in NC

With North Carolina sports betting now available in person and online, you can bet on the NFL with a phone, computer or tablet. Just complete the following steps:

  • Download a licensed sports betting app to your phone/tablet and let the app use geolocation tech to make sure you’re inside state lines.
  • Sign up for an account with the sportsbook using a minimal amount of personal info, including the last four digits of your Social Security number, to confirm you’re old enough to bet.
  • Claim the latest welcome bonus from the sportsbook using the NC sports betting promo or bonus code you find here on this site.
  • Deposit funds into your account so you’ve got more than just the bonus to wager.
  • Browse the latest NFL game lines and click on any line to create a bet slip and fill it out to place a bet.

Who sets NFL game lines?

Sportsbooks either employ NFL oddsmakers to set lines or copy these lines from sportsbooks that do. These oddsmakers are NFL betting experts. They use computer modeling and statistical info to set NFL game lines.

Home field advantage, weather, injuries, and all kinds of current and historical matchup data are taken into consideration. Plus, since oddsmakers are betting experts, they set NFL game lines to draw an equal amount of betting to each side of every bet. In other words, the betting public’s perception of every NFL game line is also considered.

Differences between NFL Vegas lines and local NFL lines

These days there really isn’t much of a difference between Las Vegas lines and local NFL lines.  Once the true gold standard (when Las Vegas was the only place to legally place a bet on NFL games), Vegas NFL game lines are now available everywhere.

A line might be first set in Vegas, but it’ll be copied by sportsbooks all across the country almost immediately. The only time you’ll really see a difference is when one sportsbook moves a line due to big betting on one side or the other.

When is the best day or time to bet on NFL game lines?

NFL teams release injury reports every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that may impact NFL odds and game lines. Wait for these reports to come out and see if they force sportsbooks to adjust the posted NFL football game lines.

Then, wait and see if heavy betting on one side or the other forces a sportsbook to move its NFL game lines. Always shop around to get the best NFL lines in North Carolina. Try doing so on Saturday nights ahead of Sunday games. That’s the best way to make sure you’ve let all this movement happen first and are adjusting your betting accordingly.

Can you bet NFL game lines live?

You can now bet on the same standard pregame NFL lines in the middle of NFL games. The NFL game odds and lines are adjusted based on time, score and other in-game factors.

These ever-changing live NFL game lines are available on sportsbook apps. Just download and install them on your phone or tablet.

Are NFL game lines the same at every sportsbook?

As we said before, most betting lines for NFL games are set by the experts in Las Vegas and copied by sportsbooks all across the country. If Vegas moves the line because of injuries or other news, these copycat sportsbooks will follow suit.

The only time you’ll really see a difference in an NFL game line at one sportsbook or another is when one moves the line because of big betting on one side of the bet or the other.

Vegas and the other books won’t make that change. Only the sportsbook that saw the disparity in the action will. That’s when you’ll see a difference.

What are the key numbers for NFL game lines?

Because field goals are worth three points and converted touchdowns are worth seven, three and seven are considered key numbers in NFL betting.

In other words, many NFL games are decided by a single converted touchdown or field goal. Therefore, most NFL point spreads are set with these scoring numbers in mind.

Of course, that means you can adjust your betting based on whether these key numbers (or combinations of these key numbers) are crossed by the game betting lines.

A two-point underdog might as well be a one-point dog or less, considering a win by just a field goal will give the favorite the cover. Then again, a 7.5-point favorite might as well be a 9.5-point favorite considering teams are much more likely to win by 10 points than eight.

Look for spreads that either cross key number thresholds or don’t and adjust your betting accordingly. Just remember, a half-point is often added or deducted from a line to make sure there is no push. Make your betting adjustments based on that as well.

What is betting against or with the spread?

Essentially, the phrase “betting against the spread” refers to a bet on the favorite and laying the points. That means the term “betting with the spread” usually refers to a bet on the underdog and taking the points.

What is ‘consensus’ when it comes to NFL betting lines?

Consensus is what the public and experts seem to agree will happen in a game. Blindly following consensus will get you in trouble. In fact, when consensus turns into heavy betting on one side, you can very often bet against it at better odds or an improved line.

NFL same game parlays

Correlated parlays that combined different spreads, moneylines or totals bets used to be a no-no. Nowadays, you can stack NFL game line bets together in same game parlays.

Doing so may not have the odds impact you’d get from other parlays, but you can do it. Link bets in a logical way and you may give yourself a better chance of winning your NFL SGPs.

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