Five Under-The-Radar Super Bowl Bets

With its plethora of betting options, the Super Bowl often features up to a thousand different wager types in some sportsbooks. Amid this extensive array, numerous valuable bets can easily be overlooked.

However, there is ample opportunity for the discerning bettor to discover exceptional value scattered throughout the Super Bowl betting landscape at sportsbooks such as BetMGM North Carolina and DraftKings NC. In this list, we’ll uncover some hidden gems available for Super Bowl betting, providing insights into less obvious options that may not initially catch the eye.

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Top under-the-radar Super Bowl bets

Over/under first-quarter points

The over/under-first-quarter-points bet is a popular and engaging wager for Super Bowl enthusiasts, and first-quarter bets can be low risk. The over-under bet focuses on the total points scored by both teams combined in the first quarter of the game. This bet type appeals to those who enjoy predicting the early momentum and strategies of the teams. Unlike full-game over/under bets, this wager concentrates on the initial 15 minutes, offering a unique challenge in forecasting the opening pace and intensity of the game.

Bettors find this option particularly intriguing because of its ability to capitalize on initial game trends. For instance, some teams might have a reputation for starting strong and aggressively scoring in the first quarter, while others may adopt a more cautious approach early in the game. Historical trends, such as a team’s or coach’s first-quarter scoring patterns in previous games, can be critical in making an informed bet. Factors such as team composition, offensive and defensive strengths, and even weather conditions (for outdoor stadiums) could significantly influence the early scoring outcomes.

Total players with a pass attempt

The total-players-with-a-pass-attempt bet is a unique and intriguing wager in Super Bowl betting, focusing on the number of players who will attempt a forward pass during the game. This bet extends beyond the quarterbacks, encompassing any player who might throw the ball, including wide receivers, running backs, or even special teams players in trick play scenarios. It’s a testament to the unpredictable and creative nature of football, especially in high-stakes games like the Super Bowl, where teams are more likely to pull out all the stops.

This bet is particularly appealing to bettors because of its unpredictability and the deep football knowledge it requires. It’s not just about knowing the starting quarterbacks but also understanding each team’s playbook and willingness to execute unconventional plays. Historically, Super Bowls have been occasions for teams to showcase surprise elements in their offense, making this bet exciting and a bit of a wildcard. To bet more effectively, bettors might consider the coaching styles, historical play-calling tendencies, and the versatility of non-quarterback players with experience or potential in executing pass plays.

Combined yardage of all made field goals

The combined distance of all made field goals is a captivating option for Super Bowl prop betting, focusing on the total distance, in yards, of all successful field goal attempts in the game. This wager requires bettors to predict not only the frequency of field goal attempts but also the kickers’ proficiency and the teams’ strategic choices regarding when to opt for a field goal. It combines elements of game strategy, individual player skill, and situational analysis, making it a multifaceted and engaging bet.

This type of bet appeals to bettors who appreciate the nuanced aspects of the game. It requires understanding each team’s offensive capabilities, their likelihood of getting into field goal range, and the kicker’s accuracy and range. Factors such as weather conditions in outdoor stadiums, the kicker’s performance history, and the offensive tendencies of the teams (whether they are more likely to go for touchdowns or settle for field goals) play a significant role. Trends can be crucial in making a more informed bet: analyzing each team’s field goal attempt frequency and success rate over the season, particularly in high-pressure games, can provide valuable insights. Moreover, understanding the defensive strength of each team can help predict how often offenses might be stalled into attempting field goals.

Sportsbooks offer a wide array of kicker props.

Over/under total sacks

The over/under-total-sacks bet in Super Bowl betting revolves around predicting the number of quarterback sacks recorded by both teams during the game. This bet is a measure of defensive prowess and offensive line strength, offering an insight into the game’s physical and tactical aspects. Bettors must gauge the ability of each team’s defensive line to breach the opposing offensive line and tackle the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, a task that requires both strategic planning and raw physical talent.

This bet particularly appeals to those who appreciate the defensive side of football. It’s not about only the big offensive plays. It’s also about understanding and appreciating the strategic chess match that occurs on the line of scrimmage. To make a more informed bet, it’s essential to consider several key factors: the strength and style of each team’s defensive line, the mobility and sack-avoidance skills of the quarterbacks, and the effectiveness of each team’s offensive line in protecting the quarterback. Additionally, trends such as the number of sacks each team has recorded or allowed over the season, their performance against teams with strong defensive lines, and any recent injuries to key offensive linemen or defensive players can provide critical insights.

Time of possession

Time of possession in Super Bowl betting is an intriguing option that focuses on which team will control the ball for the longest cumulative duration during the game. This metric is a critical indicator of a team’s ability to dominate the game tempo and maintain offensive control. The bet involves assessing each team’s playing style and strategy, making it particularly appealing for bettors who enjoy analyzing the deeper tactical elements of football.

Bettors are drawn to this bet for several reasons. It provides an opportunity to delve into the nuances of each team’s game plan. Teams that rely heavily on a running game or short-passing plays often maintain possession longer, methodically moving down the field and keeping the opposing offense off the field. Conversely, teams with quick-strike, big-play passing attacks might have shorter possession times. Effective betting on time of possession requires examining each team’s offensive strategy, season-long time of possession statistics, and their ability to sustain drives, particularly focusing on third-down conversion rates. The defensive aspect is also crucial – a strong defense can help limit the opposing team’s time on the field by forcing quick stops.

Some certain trends and factors can guide bettors in making a more informed decision. Historical performance in high-pressure games, the health and condition of key offensive players (like the quarterback and primary running backs), and the effectiveness of both teams’ defensive units in previous matchups can provide valuable insights.

How to get a new betting account and bet the Super Bowl

(Note: Mobile betting is not live in North Carolina, and online sportsbooks are not currently accepting registrations.)

Getting a new betting account and placing a bet on the Super Bowl is straightforward. First, visit a sportsbook’s website or download their mobile app. Upon accessing the platform, look for the option to sign up or register for a new account. This will typically involve providing personal information, such as your name, address, email, and date of birth, to ensure you meet the legal betting age requirements. Setting up security details like a username and password is also common.

After setting up your account, the next step is depositing funds. Sportsbooks offer various methods for depositing money, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Choose the most convenient method and follow the instructions to add money to your account.

Once your account is funded, you can navigate to the sports betting section of the sportsbook. Here, you’ll find a wide range of betting options for the Super Bowl. Look for the Super Bowl markets, which can include a variety of bets like point spreads, moneylines, over/under totals, and many prop bets. Select the bet you’re interested in or build a good Super Bowl parlay, enter the amount you wish to wager, and confirm your bet.

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