North Carolina State Basketball Odds

North Carolina has had a strenuous relationship with legal sports betting over the last few years. It has lagged where other states have quickly legalized mobile sports betting industries. Instead, North Carolina allows retail-only sports betting at a pair of Harrah’s casinos, limiting its residents to a very small spread of sports wagering opportunities. Fortunately, there are new rumblings for legal online sports betting in the state legislature. With any luck, mobile betting will be available sometime this year or in 2023. In the meantime, residents can educate themselves on college basketball odds.

There’s a good chance that North Carolina college basketball betting will also be legalized. College betting is a popular pastime throughout America, and many North Carolina residents would doubtless love to put money down on North Carolina State basketball games. Let’s break down everything you need to know about North Carolina State basketball odds at mobile and retail sportsbooks alike.

NC State Basketball Odds At The Best Sportsbooks

NC State’s odds of winning games and the championship fluctuate throughout the season. Sportsbooks stay tuned into the action on these games and offer competitive lines. For example, sportsbooks could list NC State’s odds of winning the NCAA Championship as:

Where Can You Bet On NC State Basketball In North Carolina?

For the time being, you cannot bet on any college basketball or any college sports in North Carolina whatsoever. Sports wagering is only authorized at a pair of retail casinos under Caesars’ The Book brand, and college wagering is illegal.

Therefore, you have to visit another nearby state if you wish to bet on NC State basketball, including wagering on the Wolfpack. With any luck, SB 688, which has already been passed by the North Carolina Senate, will pass the other sections of the legislature and legalize mobile sports wagering sooner rather than later.

Once legalized, you’ll be able to bet on NC State basketball and other sporting events on mobile apps. These apps can be accessed through your phone or desktop computer and will allow you to enjoy wagering action from the comfort of your couch.

The Book is available at both retail casinos in North Carolina, and these locations are the only places where residents can bet on sports, period. The retail sportsbooks are fairly well-designed and comfortable, including 90-foot-wide big screens, plush chair viewing areas, convenient betting kiosks, and even VIP seating zones. However, they don’t match the overall convenience of mobile sports betting.

NC State Basketball Schedule 2022

While betting on the North Carolina Wolfpack is impossible for residents at this time, you may still wish to know the team’s schedule for the remainder of the basketball season.

  • February 5 – North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish at 3 PM Eastern
  • February 9 – North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons at 7 PM Eastern
  • February 12 – North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Pittsburgh Panthers at 3 PM Eastern
  • February 15 – North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at 8 PM Eastern
  • February 23 – North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Boston College Eagles at 7 PM Eastern
  • February 26 – North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. North Carolina Tar Heels at 2 PM Eastern
  • March 2 – North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons at 9 PM Eastern
  • March 5 – North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Florida State Seminoles at 12 PM Eastern

NC State Basketball Betting News And Updates

The NCAA basketball season is still in full swing, so let’s check out these recent sports updates for the North Carolina State Wolfpack:

  • For the previous year, NC State had an 11-12-1 ATS or against the spread record
  • Major player Jericole Hellems is looking to put up a higher average than his previous average of 12.9 points per game in the last season
  • Key players Hellems and Smith combined their talents for 11 3-pointers, helping NC State beat Louisville in an important match
  • NC State recently lost at Duke on January 15 with a score of 88 to 73

How NC State Basketball Betting Odds Are Calculated

The betting odds for NC State basketball and other college sports are calculated thanks to the help of algorithms and specialized statisticians called oddsmakers. Oddsmakers look at the official league data available for an upcoming match and make a wagering line that offers an opportunity for profit for both underdog bettors and those who want to wager on the favored team to win a match.

In this way, betting action is usually fair — if not strictly mathematically accurate — and fun for all parties. Betting odds are usually calculated individually at each sportsbook, as well, so it’s not uncommon for minor betting line differences to crop up from book to book.

NC State Basketball Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds are straightforward because they tell you the outcome of one team or another winning a basketball match. They’re made with positive and negative signs to indicate which team is the underdog or favored team to win, as in the below example:

  • NC State Wolfpack -200
  • UMass Eagles +200

In this example, the NC State Wolfpack is the favored team to win and you would need to wager $200 in order to receive a $100 payout. In contrast, the Eagles are the underdog team. Wagering just $100 would net you a potential profit of $200.

NC State Basketball Points Spread

Point spread bets are also popular for college basketball games, including those of the NC State Wolfpack. With point spread bets, you don’t bet on the match outcome but on how many points are scored by either team.

For example:

  • NC State Wolfpack -2.5 -210
  • UMass Eagles +3.5 +310

In this example, the underdog and favorite teams are the same. However, the decimal odds next to the standard odds tell you if you’re betting on the Wolfpack, the Wolfpack needs to win the game by 2.5 points or more. If they were to win by one point, for example, you wouldn’t get a payout.

The Eagles, meanwhile, just need to win the game by any points value or lose by less than 3.5 points. In this way, point spread odds and wagers allow your team to lose the match and for you to still get a payout depending on the line specifics.

NC State Basketball Futures Odds

There are futures odds, which project the likelihood of a team to win a future match or championship. For example, there are plenty of NCAA championship odds for most major college basketball teams, including the Wolfpack. The odds can be quite profitable, especially if you put your money down early enough in a season. For example, DraftKings could state that the odds to win the ACC Basketball tournament is +4000 and the odds to win the NCAA Championship is +6000.

NC State Basketball Prop Bets

Lastly, you may eventually find NC State basketball prop bets if mobile sports betting is legalized in North Carolina. Prop bets focus on the likelihood of a single event occurring regardless of match outcome, including but not limited to:

  • A player being voted MVP
  • A player making a three-pointer shot
  • A player being injured by another
  • A player dribbling the basketball for a certain distance

Because of this betting format, prop bets are flexible, fun, and come in a variety of different styles. They’re excellent wagering opportunities for newcomers to sports betting and are often associated with odds boosts or other promotions on mobile sportsbook platforms.

(Note: You can find information about NC State Wolfpack Football Odds by following the link.)

How To Bet On NC State Basketball In North Carolina

For now, North Carolina residents simply can’t bet on North Carolina State basketball games in any capacity. That’s because college betting is still illegal, even at the state’s pair of in-person casinos at both Harrah’s Casinos.

However, should mobile sports betting be legalized in the future, college online betting could also be legalized with the same legislation. If this occurs, you may be able to bet on North Carolina State basketball by:

  • Downloading a mobile sportsbook of your choice – check out popular sportsbook reviews on this site
  • Registering for a mobile sportsbook account
  • Funding your account using a variety of wireless methods, such as bank transfers, debit card transfers
  • Navigating to the betting line of your choice. Most mobile sportsbooks these days have excellent betting markets for college basketball, baseball, and other popular college sports leagues

Live Betting On NC State Basketball In North Carolina

Any legal mobile sports betting app will also include live or in-play betting opportunities. Live betting makes use of special odds algorithms that develop novel wagering lines that you can enjoy as a game unfolds right on your mobile device screen.

Live betting may only be available with a handful of sportsbooks initially, however, and it’s unlikely that North Carolina will offer live betting at any retail sportsbooks in the foreseeable future.

How To Bet On The NC State Basketball Championship In North Carolina

The NCAA championships are due to conclude in April, meaning that North Carolina residents won’t be able to bet on NC State’s final games. However, if mobile sports betting launches by the end of 2022, you might be able to bet on the NC State basketball championships for 2023.

To do this, simply open up a mobile sportsbook app, then navigate to the college basketball betting markets. Odds are any sportsbook worth your time and money will have plenty of betting lines for futures wagers for the NC State Wolfpack and other teams.

NC State Basketball Partnerships

Since North Carolina is relatively limited in terms of its sports wagering allowances, NC State doesn’t have any major partnerships with sportsbook operators. However, this may change if mobile sports betting is finally legalized.

At this point, major operators such as DraftKings may come into the state and partner with the Wolfpack or other college baseball teams in the area.

NC State Basketball Stadium

North Carolina State’s Wolfpack basketball team plays at the PNC Arena, which is one of the most important basketball arenas in the country. It includes 19,700 red seats and another 3000 courtside seats for those who want to be right in the middle of the action.

Encompassing approximately 700,000 sq. ft. with another 61 luxury suites, this expansive arena has various concession stands, a state-of-the-art sound system, and TV monitors and concourses so fans never lose sight of the action as it unfolds even if they take a break to get a snack.

NC State Basketball Odds FAQs

Do North Carolina’s legal sportsbooks offer bets on the NC Wolfpack?

No. The Book, the only legal and retail sportsbook brand in the state, does not allow betting on college sporting events of any type.

How popular is betting on North Carolina Wolfpack games?

At the moment, not very. However, if North Carolina’s legislature ever legalizes mobile sports betting, alongside college sports betting, betting on the Wolfpack could become much more popular.

What is the closest sportsbook to the Wolfpack Stadium?

The Book at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort.

Does the North Carolina Wolfpack have any partnerships with a sportsbook?

Not at this time. As noted, there aren’t very many sportsbook operators to potentially partner with.

Is DraftKings legal in North Carolina?

Technically, only daily fantasy sports or DFS is available from DraftKings in North Carolina.

Is FanDuel legal in North Carolina?

FanDuel may also only offer DFS to North Carolina residents.

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