Unibet Sportsbook North Carolina Promo Code & Launch Update

DISCLAIMER: Online sports betting is not live in North Carolins as of May 2023. This review is speculative based on the Unibet Sportsbook app in states where it is available. This page will be updated when we get closer to launch day in North Carolina. 

While there are some more prominent names in the mobile sports betting industry, Unibet has built a reputation internationally, and they’ll look to establish their footing in the US market with more and more states legalizing and launching mobile sports betting. In time, Unibet will be a brand that prospective North Carolina bettors will get to know.

The mobile sports betting market is competitive and more brands will be lining up to enter the fray. Unibet will need to work hard to make its brand one that resonates with bettors and North Carolina residents alike, but they’re positioned to do so.

Unibet has established itself as a mobile sportsbook that is friendly for novice users — a sound strategy considering the new US markets opening. They may not offer the same level of bonuses as some other brands that will be in the North Carolina market. However, there is strength in brand awareness and Unibet knows its place in the market.

Unibet North Carolina Promo Code For April 2024

One of the first ways a mobile sportsbook app will entice and attract new users is its welcome bonus. Some competitors in the market will have a stronger welcome bonus for new users than Unibet’s $500 bonus bet. Unibet accepts that its promotional offer is solid and doesn’t aspire to compete with its rivals in this particular area.

Still, a $500 bonus bet is welcome for both novice and experienced bettors. Anytime a bettor can guarantee that a wager of up to $500 will be refunded if it loses, he or she is more likely to place one.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Unibet North Carolina Promo CodeNone needed
Bonus Bet$500
What States Allow UnibetAZ, IN, NJ, PA & VA
Unibet Land-Based PartnerTBA
Promo Code Verified ForApril 2024

Unibet North Carolina: Bonus And Promotional Grade (4.4/5)

Unibet doesn’t offer quite the same level of promotions and bonus offers for its users, but both new and experienced bettors still stand to enjoy the perks Unibet provides.

To entice new users, Unibet offers up to a $500 bonus bet. They also offer NC sports betting promotions for their experienced bettors. Incentives such as a $25 referral bonus, parlay and odds boosts, and specials sprinkled throughout the calendar are designed to appeal to both new and loyal Unibet users.

Some other mobile sportsbook apps in the industry are more aggressive with bonus bets and/or initial deposit matches, but Unibet’s offers combined with a set of user-friendly terms and conditions makes it a solid-if-not-elite brand in this department.

Users shouldn’t shy away from Unibet serving as one of their regular sportsbook apps just because of bonuses and promotions that are slightly more conservative than others in the industry. 

Unibet North Carolina: Odds Vs. Competition Grade (4.8/5)

There are many features that mobile sportsbook apps and brands will develop and offer to entice new users and retain current ones. However, the odds are the most important element of any sportsbook. A burger joint may attract new customers with bright signage, a pretty menu, and some specials, but if the cheeseburger is sub-par, it won’t retain customers.

That’s a colorful way of saying the odds are of the utmost importance for an online sportsbook app, and Unibet will treat North Carolina bettors with odds that will compete with the heavy hitters in the industry.

Like other successful sportsbooks in the mobile gambling industry, Unibet employs algorithms and experts to produce and offer attractive odds. Similar to other sportsbooks, Unibet’s odds will adjust depending on the money coming in and from where the money comes — $5,000 in bets from a “sharp” bettor has more potential to move a line than $5,000 in “public” bets.

All bettors — including residents and prospective bettors within North Carolina’s borders — are encouraged to shop around for the best odds for a particular event. Just because one sportsbook has the most attractive odds on a particular event on a particular day, it doesn’t mean the same will remain true the next day — or sometimes even the next hour.

Unibet North Carolina: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4.9/5)

When future North Carolina bettors turn to Unibet for their sportsbook app of choice, they’ll have access to a variety of sports and many types of bets.

All of the expected sports are available for wagering: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, UFC, etc. There are a number of niche sports and competitions for bettors looking for more exotic options. Bettors can find cricket, rugby, and darts, among others. 

Whether you’re someone who just likes to throw down a few bets on the big game or a sports fanatic who enjoys a little extra action on a variety of contests, Unibet will serve as a worthy sportsbook app.

There are a wide variety of sports, but there are a variety of methods through which to bet on those sports.

North Carolina bettors will be able to submit bets on money lines, totals, props, futures, and parlays. The options in both areas will make Unibet one of the worthwhile NC sports betting apps to keep in one’s rotation.

Unibet North Carolina: Deposit And Cashout Grade (4.7/5)

Before any North Carolinian can place a wager on the next Carolina Panthers or Charlotte Hornets game, he or she will need to deposit funds. And when prospective North Carolina bettors win on their gamble, they may want to withdraw their profits.

Unibet provides users with plenty of options through which they can deposit and withdraw funds. These include PayPal, online bank transfer, prepaid card, e-check, PayNearMe, and credit/debit cards.

The $10 minimum transaction is friendly, and deposits are immediately available.

For withdrawals, North Carolina bettors can utilize e-check, PayPal, online bank transfer, ACH, NETELLER. Withdrawals take 1-3 business days.

All in all, Unibet’s deposit and withdrawal options stack up favorably with the other competitors in the market. It certainly doesn’t gain or lose ground in relation to its peers in this category.

Unibet North Carolina: Mobile App Grade (4.8/5)

Unibet isn’t going to win a mobile sportsbook app beauty contest. The app lacks flash, but its substance-over-style approach is by design.

The most important thing for Unibet is the functionality of the app. As long as it runs smoothly without bugs, glitches, and other hiccups that can erode a bettor’s experience, Unibet is happy. 

And the users are ultimately happy as well. A pretty interface has appeal – it’s still easy to judge a book by its cover – but bettors are happiest when they’re able to easily navigate the app, and make wagers without any hitches. They’re able to do just that with Unibet.

Those who are familiar with Unibet’s desktop site will find all of the options and features on the app. Not to mention, your account is linked across both the desktop site and app, creating a seamless experience for prospective North Carolina bettors.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices. Apple users can find the app in the Apple app store. Meanwhile, Android users will head to the Google Play store to find the Unibet app.

Unibet North Carolina: Overall Grade (4.7/5)

When it’s all said and done, North Carolina bettors looking to partake in sports betting when it’s legalized and launched within the state’s borders will find an industry-leading experience through Unibet.

There are apps with a more generous bonus offer, and there are apps with more eye-popping branding and interfaces. However, these aren’t considered shortcomings of any significance in the grand scheme of things.

Unibet delivers on all of the most important features of a successful sportsbook though, and bettors will enjoy a smooth, consistent, no-nonsense experience when betting through the mobile sportsbook app.

Additionally, customer service is readily available from 8am to 11pm via live chat, phone, email, and their online messaging feature.

Is Unibet Legit?

In the most simple of terms, yes, Unibet is legit.

Mobile sportsbook apps looking to launch in newly legalized states must go through a rigorous application process in order to earn licensure in its new market. Unibet will be no different. When it launches in North Carolina, it will have successfully passed markers and regulations and its users can bet through the mobile sportsbook app with confidence. 

Unibet offers advanced protective features such as allowing its users to set limits on deposits, money wagered, and bets made. Contrary to offshore and other disreputable outlets, Unibet also offers a customer support team to take care of any problems and issues that may arise.

Unibet has launched in a few US states already, so there is a short but growing track record of reliability and quality performance in the US market. The app has been thoroughly vetted and approved by those other states’ governments, and the same will be the case in North Carolina when Unibet launches within its borders.

Prospective North Carolina bettors can feel secure and confident when they deposit funds, place wagers, and withdraw winnings.

Why Choose Unibet Over Illegal Betting Sites?

It is against a bettor’s best interest to engage in sports wagering through illegal or offshore betting sites, as there are a number of risks that are not present in regulated sportsbook apps.

Offshore platforms and sportsbooks don’t provide the same security that a legal betting app will provide. Personal identifying information could be compromised on sites that don’t have the appropriate degree of protection. It could be easier for hackers to steal this sensitive data. Comfort and peace of mind are already good enough reasons to opt for legal and sanctioned sportsbook apps.

Perhaps just as important to bettors is that an official and regulated sportsbook app provides better odds. Not only are the odds and payouts better, but they’re guaranteed. An offshore or illegal outfit can run off with its users’ money, and those victimized by fraud won’t have an avenue through which their situation could be rectified. 

Even in states without legalized gambling, residents should avoid the temptation of going offshore for their gambling desires. Some of these offshore outfits know the desperate measures people will go through in order to get in on some extra gambling action, and thus are able to take advantage of them. It’s better to wait than to wind up losing money or putting one’s identity at risk.

Overall, offshore sportsbooks simply come with a lot of potential snags, hidden terms and conditions, and a lack of oversight that can create minor-to-significant problems. 

Why Can You Trust Unibet With Your Money?

Mobile sportsbook apps want to be successful in their new markets, so they’re going to be sure to take care of their users. That means making sure their money and personal data are securely protected. Unibet Sportsbook is a respected brand in the sports betting space and they’re going to take measures to ensure their customers remain protected from fraud.

Like other sportsbooks in the market, Unibet’s cybersecurity encrypts monetary transactions to keep potential hackers on the outside. Furthermore, the app only requires personal identifying information for strictly necessary reasons, i.e. making sure a bettor is of legal gambling age, making sure a bettor is within the borders of a legal gambling state, etc.

There is risk in any online monetary or data transaction – just as risk resides in gambling – but Unibet prioritizes the online safety of its users. The brand wants to maintain a strong standing in a competitive market, so naturally, they make it a priority to make sure their users aren’t easy prey to outside predators.

There is no success for mobile sportsbook apps if their users can’t trust them, so the brands behind these apps are going to be motivated to avoid any type of scandal or incident that tarnishes their reputation. Sports gambling already comes with an inherent downside, the last thing a sportsbook wants is to add more risk to the equation.

Unibet Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
In what states is Unibet legal?AZ, IN, NJ, PA, VA
Who is Unibet’s partner in North Carolina?TBD
When is the launch date in North Carolina?TBD

Unibet Sportsbook North Carolina FAQs

Will I have to be in North Carolina to bet at Unibet Sportsbook?

Yes. When North Carolina legalizes and launches mobile sports betting, North Carolina residents will need to be within the state’s borders to use its betting apps. 

How can I retrieve my winnings from Unibet Sportsbook in North Carolina?

You can receive your winnings from Unibet Sportsbook by utilizing ACH bank transfer or an e-wallet like PayPal. Both options allow you to deposit and withdraw funds from your Unibet account. When you’re ready to cash out, you request a withdrawal, which can take 1-3 business days to process.

What bonus bet or deposit bonus offers will be available at Unibet for North Carolina bettors?

Time will reveal exactly what Unibet’s bonus and promotional offers will be for North Carolina, but in states in which Unibet has launched, they’ve offered a $500 bonus bet. Terms and conditions apply, so prospective North Carolina bettors will want to familiarize themselves with the fine print.

Where will I be able to sign up for Unibet when it launches in North Carolina?

When Unibet launches in North Carolina, residents won’t have a problem signing up, whether they’re an Android or iOS user. Users can also sign up via web browser.

How old will bettors have to be in order to place bets online in North Carolina?

Users looking to place mobile wagers on sports in North Carolina will need to be at least 21 years of age.

Does Unibet have an in-state partner in North Carolina?

No. Unibet does not have a partner in North Carolina, but bettors should keep tabs here for the latest on Unibet’s launch date and partnerships they forge.

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