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North Carolina is in the middle of a fight over whether to legalize sports betting. But if North Carolinians can pass SB 688, then one of the sports betting operators they could see is WynnBET. WynnBET is powered by Wynn Resorts, which North Carolinians who visit Las Vegas should recognize. WynnBET is built for casual bettors, so anyone who’s interested will find something for them. Its welcome bonus allows bettors with bet slips of many sizes to redeem free bets. Here’s what bettors need to know about this possible addition to North Carolina’s business landscape. 

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North Carolina sports betting apps are not yet legal, but there is currently a push in the Senate to legalize online betting. We will update this page regularly to keep North Carolina betting hopefuls up to date on changes coming to the state, including when WynnBET could launch.

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WynnBET North Carolina Sportsbook Promo Code January 2023

WynnBET matches bettors’ first bets as a free bet up to $1,000. Claim this WynnBET promo with our link. If bettors lose their first bets, then WynnBET will send them a free bet worth the value of the lost bet, up to $1,000. Terms and conditions apply.

WynnBETNorth Carolina Promo CodeClaim Here
Risk-Free Bet $1,000 Risk-Free Bet
What States Allow WynnBET?VA, CO, IN, MI, NJ, TN, AZ
Promo Code Verified For January 2023

How To Register For A WynnBET Account 

Registering for a WynnBET account is easy. (Which alarms critics of SB 688, but is welcomed by supporters). First, bettors find the registration button to pull up the three pages of information they need to fill out. They’ll provide personal details, like their names, emails, and addresses. Then they’ll provide part of their social security numbers. This allows WynnBET to comply with the stringent know-your-customer protocols that it must follow. Finally, users set their account security questions and can begin depositing and betting.



WynnBET’s $1,000 free bet is one of the largest offered on the market. It joins FanDuel and Barstool Sportsbook near the top of the bonus market at $1,000. However, Caesars Sportsbook dwarfs them all with its $5,000 risk-free bet. Although that $4,000 only serves a small portion of the market, Caesars Sportsbook is the emperor of welcome bonuses. They all have larger welcome bonuses than sportsbooks like Golden Nugget, which only has a $250 risk-free bet to offer new bettors. 

However, WynnBET users must fulfill an easy-to-miss term to qualify for its $1,000 welcome bonus. Bettors must make a first deposit of at least $20. This is how WynnBET knows its users are serious about trying sports betting, even if they only make small wagers upfront. This bonus is also only available for WynnBET users’ first wagers. So, if bettors want to take advantage of this bonus, they must plan to do so early. Many bettors miss the free bet because they don’t plan ahead for it. 



WynnBET has moderately competitive odds compared to the other sportsbooks it most often competes against. It usually doesn’t have the best odds on either side of the line. However, its odds are consistently competitive and rarely the worst. If WynnBET is the only sportsbook that bettors download, then bettors will still get good returns on the lines they manage to win on. Here’s an example of a moneyline bet on the Steelers and the Bills: 


WynnBET doesn’t come out on top, but it doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel, either. Its futures bets are similar, as bettors can see from a selection of its NFL futures:



Again, WynnBET isn’t the best or the worst on the market. It’s not a bad place for it to be. If bettors play at WynnBET, then they don’t have to worry about getting a bad deal. They’ll only have to odds-hunt if they’re betting massive amounts of money. 



WynnBET has fewer sports to bet on than its competitors. It only offers nine sports to put money on. DraftKings offers well over two dozen sports, from the mainstream to the unfamiliar. However, WynnBET makes up for this deficiency in two ways. First, WynnBET offers all the sports with major leagues and includes the major leagues within them. So, bettors will find NFL lines without any problems at WynnBET. Second, WynnBET offers other leagues besides the main ones. For example, in addition to MLS, bettors will find a deluge of international leagues in the soccer section. 

WynnBET should improve its list of sports for two reasons, too. First, it’s good for bettors. Many of them are open to betting on whatever is available, making a continuous stream of events available for live betting critical for bettor engagement. However, an expanded sport selection is important for WynnBET for the same reason. Each empty minute is a missed opportunity for revenue. WynnBET may also be missing chances to engage different sports fans and bettor segments. In an industry this competitive, WynnBET needs to stay ahead and boost its sports selection. 



WynnBET does a good job of ensuring that bettors can move their personal and betting funds to different accounts easily. The deposit options that bettors could have at their fingertips are generous. While there are some sportsbooks that offer more deposit methods than these, this list covers most of the core sportsbook deposit methods: 

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • VIP Preferred E-Check
  • Play+ Card 
  • PayPal 

This is a smaller selection than what’s available at competing sportsbooks. However, bettors who use these deposit methods anyway shouldn’t be burdened by WynnBET’s limits. These are all good online deposit options, which maintain WynnBET’s competitiveness. Its withdrawal options are better:

  • Play+ 
  • VIP Preferred E-Check
  • PayPal 

Bettors can only use these withdrawal options after having placed a successful deposit with these same methods. For example, if bettors wanted to withdraw their winnings through PayPal, then they’d have to make a successful deposit through PayPal, too. But that’s an easy condition to fulfill. Overall, WynnBET has a good set of deposit and withdrawal options that North Carolinians would be well-served by if they were able to use them. 



WynnBET’s mobile app offers everything that bettors need to have a good sports betting experience. It opens with a home page with links to live betting, promotions, and popular and upcoming events. It allows bettors to quickly find the events and betting lines that are most important to them. This not only serves bettors by making their favorite lines the easiest to reach. It also maximizes WynnBET’s revenue. It’s a smart app before anything else. 

However, it’s also a clean and clear app. Without a busy background to hold it back, WynnBET offers a display that’s easy to spend hours looking at. That gives bettors all the time they need to scroll through a smooth sportsbook. The app also transitions smoothly from screen to screen. So, it’s as seamless as a sportsbook app can be. 

The only things that could be improved are small navigational features. An A-Z list instead of a search function might make a small difference in seamlessness. But it’s hard to find fault with this app. If bettors want a strong sports betting app, WynnBET would be a solid choice if it’s available to them. 



WynnBET would be a solid choice for North Carolinians if it were allowed to operate in North Carolina. WynnBET has a good welcome bonus that’s competitive against the market. Its odds are moderately competitive, ensuring bettors get solid deals on good odds. Its market variety is a little lacking, but WynnBET makes up for that shortage in its market depth. It has good deposit and withdrawal options, and a great mobile app. Overall, WynnBET would be a good choice for bettors if it were licensed in North Carolina. 

Is WynnBET Legit? 

Yes. WynnBET is a premier sportsbook brand in the United States.

While no one likes dealing with customer service, having a legitimate customer service process is a hallmark of a strong and legitimate business. Illegal sites don’t have to worry about customer support because they’re not necessarily in the business of serving customers. Bettors should stick to companies like WynnBET that actually put effort into customer service. 

WynnBET State License

Licensed sportsbook companies must earn their gaming licenses every time they enter new markets. They don’t want to risk access to future markets by falling short in their current ones. 

Wynn Resorts is a major international gaming company that Vegas bettors will likely be familiar with. It has tied its international reputation to its sportsbook product. So, bettors should expect that WynnBET will treat them well and operate legitimately. If bettors are comfortable at a Wynn Resort, then they should be fine with using its online sportsbook.

WynnBET Terms And Conditions 

While no one actually reads the terms and conditions, they’re one of the most important parts of a legitimate business. It’s where companies say, in dense legalese, that they promise to operate legitimately. For sportsbooks, that means paying winners in full what they’re due. Bettors should trust WynnBET to pay winnings fairly and consistently. It would get driven out of the licensed sportsbook industry if it didn’t. 

Why Choose WynnBET Over Illegal Betting Sites? 

WynnBET is a safer alternative to illegal betting sites. While WynnBET has to compete for customers, illegal betting sites are often used by bettors who have no other options. This has important implications for how legal and illegal betting sites operate. Legal betting sites must invest heavily in things like data security and customer support. However, illegal betting sites are desperate bettors’ last resort. So, they can put up whatever junk they want to, and bettors with nowhere else to go will come. 

Why Can You Trust WynnBET With Your Money? 

WynnBET benefits from the long history conferred by Wynn Resorts. Wynn Resort’s credibility goes a long way toward convincing skeptical bettors to try WynnBET. However, there’s always concern about data security when banks themselves can be compromised. 

WynnBET minimizes the risk of data breaches by using standard security measures for online merchants. Tools like end-to-end encryption disguise bettor data from the moment it’s typed into the moment that it’s decrypted at WynnBET’s server. That ensures that bettors’ data is safe. 

However, WynnBET also has a large safety net underneath it in many of its legal markets. For example, Colorado mandates the amount of cash that sportsbooks must have on hand. That ensures that sportsbooks have enough money to pay winners without going bankrupt. If North Carolina legalizes sports betting, this could be one of the controls that a gaming commission implements to protect bettors. 

WynnBET bettors can feel secure trusting WynnBET with their money. It’s a reputable company with data security and liquidity controls that protect bettors. 

WynnBET Fact Sheet

Legal Betting Age21
Legal States of OperationVA, CO, IN, MI, NJ, TN, AZ
Launch Date In North CarolinaTBA

WynnBET North Carolina Sportsbook FAQ

Is WynnBET Legal In North Carolina? 

No. North Carolina has to fight through SB 688’s passage first. The bill’s critics believe that gambling expansion will lead to other social ills, like bankruptcy, unemployment, and suicide. It’s an exaggerated moral argument against gambling. Proponents tout the new revenue that North Carolina can generate from previously illegal activity. It’ll be a fight between the Regan Republicans and Falwell Republicans with Democrats trying to leverage the split.

How Old Do North Carolinians Have To Be To Gamble? 

21; however, there’s little legal gambling in North Carolina. North Carolina’s tribal casinos offer the state’s only legal gambling options. Their liquor licenses require gamblers to be at least 21 to gamble. That way, servers can serve drinks on the casino floor without worrying about minors. Since sports betting is on the same tier as casino gambling, sportsbooks will have a betting age of 21, too.

Would North Carolinians Have To Be In North Carolina To Bet At WynnBET?

If North Carolina legalizes sports betting, then North Carolinians would have to place their bets inside North Carolina’s borders. Bettors could place bets in WynnBET’s other legal markets, too. However, trying to bet from a state where sports betting is illegal wouldn’t work. Bets are blocked if they come from outside legal markets’ borders. If WynnBET let bettors wager from anywhere, then no state would be able to have their own laws against sports betting. 

How Do WynnBET Winners Collect Their Winnings? 

WynnBET winners can go to the withdrawal sections of their accounts to initiate a withdrawal. Bettors just have to enter their desired withdrawal method and withdrawal amount. However, withdrawals can take several business days to process. WynnBET must confirm that it’s sending money to a legitimate bettor and not a criminal of some variety. It’s part of a stringent set of know-your-customer regulations that all sportsbooks must follow. 

Could I Sign Up For WynnBET From Anywhere In North Carolina? 

If SB 688 passed, then bettors would be able to sign up for WynnBET anywhere in North Carolina. The geolocation may be funky around North Carolina’s borders. But bettors could move inland to solve that problem. Bettors could also place bets from anywhere inside of North Carolina. They could also do account management tasks, like withdrawals or signups, from outside the state. However, bets would only go through inside North Carolina.

Does WynnBET Offer New Bettors Any Bonuses? 

Yes. WynnBET offers a $1,000 free bet for new bettors. So, if new bettors lose their first wagers, WynnBET will credit their accounts with a free bet equal to the amount they lost, up to $1,000. This encourages bettors to try making a large bet upfront to leverage this bonus. However, bettors shouldn’t try to lose just for the bonus. Winning a bet is still a better deal than any free bet in return. 

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