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NCSharp is dedicated to providing the latest news and information about all aspects of legal gambling in North Carolina.

We not only cover current gambling options for North Carolinians but also keep you informed on any future developments regarding those options.

We aim to provide comprehensive information about how and where you can gamble legally in NC. We also report on legislation proposing new types of gambling as well as any other relevant news affecting gambling in the state.

On this page, you will hear us stress the importance of local reporting. That means reporting with an understanding that North Carolina’s different regions bring different values and beliefs to the table, and that it is our job to represent them accurately.

If you’re seeking details about who we are and what we do, or if you wish to get in touch with us because you have a story or an angle that you don’t think we’ve covered, you’ve come to the right place.

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What NCSharp  does

NCSharp is part of the Catena Media network of state-specific sites that report on gambling across the US. The network includes other sites that cover US gambling on a national level, and also sites that operate across the globe.

As our focus is on legal gambling, that’s what you will find on our informational pages and in our news articles. We do not report on gambling sites that operate in North Carolina without a license or legal authorization to do so. The only time we will reference such sites will be to warn readers about the risks they pose.

NCSharp is an affiliate site, which means you may see links from our pages to legal gambling options related to our affiliate partnerships. However, these partners exert no editorial control over our reporting or any of the content that appears on NCSharp. That is our work, 100% of the time.

Our mission at NCSharp

Covering all aspects of legal gambling throughout North Carolina means sharing information and news regarding the North Carolina Education Lottery, the state’s tribal casinos, charitable gaming options in the state and more. It means reporting on changes to NC gambling laws, including the likely legalization of online sports betting. It further means letting you hear from people in the state who affect and are affected by legal gambling.

We believe that an informed person is more likely to have a positive experience than someone who is not. We also aim to connect people with responsible gambling resources and where to get help for problem gambling. We certainly do not ignore problems associated with gambling or shy away from stories involving problem gamblers.

Our mission also includes being a resource for other media outlets seeking information about gambling in North Carolina. Other entities reporting on gambling in the state can rely on us to thoroughly cover the industry from a local point of view.

NCSharp in the news

Our industry reporting has been featured in North Carolina regional and local news outlets:

  • WCNC (Charlotte, NBC) covered NCSharp’s sports betting projection.
  • An NCSharp-conducted survey examining public interest in casino and sports betting expansion was featured on CBS17 Raleigh/Durham; Tyler Andrews, our managing editor, was also interviewed about NCSharp’s sports betting projection.
  • WRAL (Raleigh, NBC) supplemented its coverage of the state’s casino expansion debates with our survey.
  • The Center Square cited NCSharp in its coverage of North Carolina’s 2023 sports betting bill and projected sports betting revenue.

And now, meet the team!

While our writers at NCSharp come from a range of backgrounds, all share experience in both gambling and journalism. Our staff includes many who have reported on gambling for other websites, newspapers, magazines and other outlets both at the state and national level. Some have also worked in the gambling industry either in casinos, poker rooms or sportsbooks. We have writers with experience reporting in other fields, too, including sports and politics.

Many who write for NCSharp have experience wagering on sports, poker, horse racing and other types of casino gambling. In other words, when we report on gambling or compile information regarding the current status of legal gambling options in the state, we may draw upon first-hand experience.

Tyler Andrews

Tyler is the Managing Editor for NCSharp.com, covering sports, sports law, and gambling for the Tar Heel State. He has also covered similar topics for PlayTexas, PlayGeorgia, PlayCA, PlayFlorida, PlayOhio, and PlayMA. Tyler’s current focus is North Carolina’s pathway to gaming legalization.

Jason Schaumburg

Jason Schaumburg is a content manager for Catena Media with responsibilities for NCSharp, PlayFL and PlayTexas. He has more than 20 years of journalism experience and spent nearly four years as communications director at the Illinois Lottery.

Matt Schoch

A Michigan native, Matt Schoch has worked at newspapers in Michigan, Missouri and the Virgin Islands. Now the outreach content manager, Schoch has covered sailing on the Great Lakes, cricket in the Caribbean, high school and pro playoffs, and the Olympics in Rio. He's also the former host of the Locked On Pistons Podcast and producer of a documentary on Emoni Bates. A former blackjack dealer, Schoch has studied the industry from all sides.

Cheryl Coward

Cheryl Coward started her career as a news reporter in Washington, DC. She's a die-hard women's basketball fan and founded the website Hoopfeed.com as a result of that passion. She loves writing about sports on all levels and has previous experience covering sports betting regulations, operator marketing campaigns and women's sports gambling topics.

Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes writes about sports betting, sports media, and sports betting legislative matters. He's the author of three books, and previously reported for Major League Baseball, as well as the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Steven Schult

Steve Schult is a veteran of the gambling industry with more than a decade of experience covering the space. After earning a degree in journalism from Marist College, the New York native began covering high-stakes poker tournaments for some of the game’s most prominent publications. Following stints with Card Player Media, Bluff Magazine and the World Series of Poker, Schult joined Catena Media and has covered regional gambling news for several states.

Rashid Mohamed

Rashid Mohamed is a freelance news reporter covering sports, sports betting, gambling laws, and casino business for Catena Media. He writes for a number of sites including NCSharp, PlayTexas, PlayCA, and PlayOhio.

Walter Yuhl

Walter (Way) Yuhl is a freelance writer and business professor. Way has written for the Arizona Daily Sun, Flagstaff Business News, Bangkok University, and Shandong University of Science and Technology as well as edited content for the U.N., Thailand International airports, and other organizations. He has worked with Cantena Media since 2019.

Hill Kerby

Hill Kerby is a proponent of safe, legal betting in North Carolina, and is grateful to be able to contribute to growing the industry. He has a background in poker, sports, and psychology, all of which he incorporates into his writing.

Nikhil Kalro

Nikhil Kalro is a sports betting writer at NCSharp. With an interest in strategy and mathematics, applying that to sports writing was the natural progression. Nikhil’s previous experience includes working with ESPN for five years. His specializations include soccer, football, basketball, tennis and esports betting.

Adam Hensley

Adam Hensley's byline has appeared in the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated and sites within the USA Today Network. Hensley graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019 and spent his college career working as an editor and reporter for the Daily Iowan’s sports department.

Matthew Bain

Matthew Bain is currently the Content Manager at Catena Media’s national online lottery site, PlayiLottery. He used to be the News Content Manager at Catena Media, overseeing news content for the network’s highest-priority regional sites. With North Carolina launching sports betting in 2024, NCSharp was one of his priority sites. Prior to joining Catena Media in 2022, Matthew won 10 statewide and national journalism awards during six years as a reporter and editor for the USA TODAY Network. Matthew’s work primarily appeared in the Des Moines Register, but he was also featured in the Detroit Free Press, Indianapolis Star, Arizona Republic, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and USA TODAY. Throughout his career, Matthew’s bylines have also appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Seattle Times, and Orange County Register.

How reporting gets done at NCSharp

Our editorial team works together to craft pieces that provide state and local insights for our readers at NCSharp. We aim to produce fact-based and objective reporting that avoids gossip or hearsay, instead concentrating our efforts on sharing legitimate, worthwhile news concerning legal gambling in NC. We look for local voices and we aim to capture the nuances of the different regions of North Carolina.

Once writers have their assignments and begin to research and write, they will often seek out primary sources to support their articles. In many cases, that involves interviewing individuals directly involved with the stories on which they are reporting. For example, if the story concerns a new gambling bill, we will often seek out the lawmaker or lawmakers sponsoring it. We also will review original legal documents and other relevant sources in order to ensure our reporting is both comprehensive and accurate.

Once we’re done with writing, we put each piece through a multi-layered review before publishing. Tyler Andrews, Managing Editor, checks all content for errors, clarity and factual correctness and dialogues with writers about how best to answer the most important questions for our readers and the story.

If you encounter an article or page at NCSharp that contains what you believe to be an inaccuracy, please let us know. Despite our best efforts to prevent any erroneous information from appearing on the site, we are human, we need to be loved and we make mistakes.

Advertising at NCSharp

NCSharp is an affiliate site, which means our funding comes from affiliate relationships with gambling companies. In some cases, those relationships include our affiliate partners advertising on the site, in which case any advertising is either clearly identified as such or presented in a format that indicates it is advertising (such as with a banner ad).

Our affiliate partners have no editorial input or involvement with any of the content that we produce. Given our goal to provide readers with accurate and trustworthy information about North Carolina gambling, we strive to remain objective when reporting on all gambling entities and companies.

Join us at NCSharp

While the NCSharp staff is responsible for much of the content you see on the site, we do occasionally call upon freelancers to contribute, as well. If you have journalism experience and are interested in writing for NCSharp or other Catena Media sites, we would be happy to hear from you. We would be even more eager to talk if you have reported on gambling and/or are located in North Carolina.

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact us by email. You can also check out the list of open positions on the Catena careers page.

Give us a holler, y’all

We would love to hear from you. If you have concerns or feedback regarding anything you see on this site, are interested in potentially working with us, or just want to let us know we’re doing a good job, please drop us a line.

We are also happy to share our knowledge regarding North Carolina gambling with those seeking further insight. If you are a media member and are looking for additional information, get in touch by emailing us at [email protected]. Thanks for visiting NCSharp, and be sure to bookmark the site for all the latest regarding NC gambling.