Amelco And nVenue Deal Boosts NASCAR Micro-Betting Options In North Carolina

More micro-betting options are set to be introduced for NASCAR after betting technology company nVenue signed a partnership deal with sportsbook platform provider Amelco. Both parties will work on introducing live in-race micro-bets for NASCAR, which will be launched on Amelco’s various platforms this year.

“We’re looking forward to working with the nVenue team and offering their NASCAR product to our operators. With micro-markets proving to be a huge success in the space already, we’re excited to see how these markets perform,” said Amelco Head of U.S., Brandon Walker.

“We are thrilled to team up with Amelco to introduce micro-betting options for NASCAR,” added nVenue Chief Revenue Officer Jeremy Jones.

“With their platform and reach, we are confident that we will deliver an unmatched betting experience for racing fans. We look forward to working closely with Amelco to integrate our markets and expand our offerings to include other new sports on our dynamic roadmap.”

nVenue And NASCAR’s Official Partnership

In August last year, nVenue signed a deal with NASCAR to become their official micro-betting data partner in a multi-year partnership. The collaboration would allow bettors several more betting options, including stage results, qualifying and pit-road betting opportunities.

According to a press release:

“nVenue will leverage official live racetrack data along with historical race data points to generate predictions and odds for each race and driver. These newly developed betting opportunities present thousands of additional ways for fans to engage throughout a single race.

“nVenue will collaborate directly with the league to design and develop in-race odds for delivery to NASCAR fans via sportsbooks and operators.”

In December last year, the NBA bought an equity stake in nVenue to improve its microbetting offering to customers.

“Micro-betting presents an opportunity to drive incremental fan engagement within the live game,” said Scott Kaufman-Ross, the NBA’s Head of Gaming and New Business Ventures. “As a fast-paced sport with constant action, the NBA requires a unique approach to providing opportunities that are both contextual and personalized to how our fans are consuming the game.”

NASCAR Micro-Betting Options For NC Bettors

Residents in North Carolina will soon have access to several more NASCAR betting markets thanks to this partnership. With North Carolina sports betting picking up speed and traction since its launch in March, betting appetite for more markets continues to grow.

In fact, Joe Solosky, managing director of sports betting at NASCAR, told NCSharp that although outright winner bets for a race will remain the most popular option for bettors, providing a variety of options, such as in-race betting, will grow the overall NASCAR product.

“We’ve seen an increase in head-to-head matchups supported by our Fantasy platform and the recent push towards brackets in the sport. There’s a lot of testing we’ll do on new markets in the second half of the season, but we want these new markets to make sense in terms of relevancy of when fans are seeing them.

“I think the tried and true markets of winner, Top 5, Top 10 in smaller lap cycles will lend itself well to the growth of our in-race offering. In an effort to make NASCAR a week-long betting opportunity, we’re hoping to see an increase in practice and qualifying offerings.”

Photo credit: AP Photo/Matt Kelley

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