The Benefits Of Legalizing North Carolina Online Sports Betting

North Carolina lawmakers will try to legalize online sports betting this year. If they’re successful, sports fans will access numerous new benefits.

Sports betting in North Carolina already exists but only at a handful of the state’s tribal casinos. The in-person betting product varies greatly compared with betting online, so it’s worth looking at what Tar Heel State residents are missing out on.

North Carolina online sports betting adds convenience

Perhaps the most significant benefit of online sports betting is just how easy it makes the process for sports fans. Fans can place bets on their favorite teams in minutes by using an app on their smartphone or a website on their computer.

Everyone has a favorite way to watch sports at home. Whether with family in the living room or on the recliner in the man cave, fans can be ritualistic regarding their viewing process.

The convenience of online sports betting helps enhance that process without disrupting it. No need to leave the house to place your bets or get off the couch if you’re not feeling it.

Having the power of sports betting apps in your hand makes betting on sports as simple as possible.

That added convenience rings especially true for bettors who don’t live near one of the state’s casinos. For many, it’s not worth driving across the state just to place a few bets at a sportsbook.

Online sports betting solves that problem, and it could be coming to North Carolina soon since a new bill should make its debut in the statehouse any day now.

More deals and sports betting options

Another huge benefit of online sports betting is the special deals available for bettors.

Betting apps are always in heavy competition with each other. There are only so many gambling dollars to go around, and every company wants the biggest piece of the pie they can get.

That leads to all sorts of fantastic sports betting bonuses and promotions for customers. Companies use these deals to get your attention to snag your business.

Online sportsbooks cycle their deals daily, so there’s always something for everyone. That runs in stark contrast to in-person sportsbooks, which don’t typically offer promotions.

Online betting companies also let the more enthusiastic bettors find the best deal for themselves.

With numerous sportsbooks at your fingertips, you can compare the odds from one sportsbook to another to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Line shopping like this is only possible thanks to online betting.

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New North Carolina taxes from online sports betting

The state will benefit from new tax revenue if North Carolina legalizes online sports betting.

Last year’s sports betting bill proposed taxing sports betting at up to 14%, which could amount to millions of dollars in annual taxes for the state. That kind of money can go a long way toward numerous different programs. It all depends on what lawmakers decide to spend the cash on.

Plus, there’s the added benefit of keeping that money out of the illegal market.

Trying to legalize North Carolina online sports betting is facing the facts. Sports fans in the state already use offshore sportsbooks to place their bets, so why not keep that money within local communities?

Giving residents of the state an easier and safer way to place bets helps shut out more of that black market.

There are plenty of benefits to legalizing online sports betting, and these are just a few. North Carolina bettors will experience them soon if the state’s new bill succeeds.

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