Genius Sports Will Offer NC Bettors In-App Streaming Of NFL Games

North Carolina sports bettors will be able to watch live streams of National Football League games in their sportsbook apps while they place a bet, thanks to a service from Genius Sports.

BetVision, from Genius Sports, is now folded into the Caesars, Fanatics, and BetRivers sports betting apps in several states. The feature allows users to place a wager on an NFL game from inside the streaming window, enabling live NFL betting.

In Fanatics Sportsbook, users must place at least a $1 bet on a game in order to view the live stream inside the mobile app. Genius Sports is the exclusive licensed supplier of live in-game streaming for the NFL.

Bettors will only be permitted to watch streamed action of NFL games that are being broadcast in their local market.

Caesars has a deal in place with Genius Sports that began for the 2022-23 NFL season. Its in-app, live streams of pro football do not require a minimum bet for viewing. But, the same broadcast rules apply.

Once North Carolina online sports betting launches in 2024 (possibly soon enough for the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl), bettors using Caesars, Fanatics, or BetRivers, are expected to be able to utilize the in-app live streaming via one of those sportsbooks. The BetRivers mobile sports betting app also requires a bet for registered users to watch streamed NFL games.

“We’re very pleased to be Genius’ first BetVision content partner as they continue to be on the cutting edge of sports betting experiences,” said the NFL’s Vice-President of Business Development & Strategic Investments, Brent Lawton. “BetVision allows us to create a differentiated way for fans to engage with NFL content.”

How BetVision works in sports betting apps


BetVision is a streaming player developed by Genius Sports, the NFL’s exclusive distributor of real-time, official play-by-play statistics, and low-latency live game video streams.

Sean Conroy, executive vice president of North America, addressed the interest in increased in-game betting experiences through salient data points.

– 46% of milennials have paid for a subscription to a streaming video service to watch sports over the past 12 months.

– 67% of fans expect sports viewing to be more interactive by 2030.

– 87% of fans use a second screen while watching a live sports broadcast.

The BetVision player is currently offered inside three sports betting apps (BetRivers, Caesars, and Fanatics) in some states.

It may also be offered for online sports betting in North Carolina in the future.

How does the offer work and where is it currently live?

When you use one of the participating sportsbook apps, select NFL games will have a WATCH LIVE button next to their odds listings. When you click that button, you’ll be offered a live stream of the game if:

– You have placed a wager on that game.

– The game is being broadcast nationally or in your region.

    The BetVision video player is unique in that it offers betting odds and live updated statistics on the screen. Your betting slip for that game is available from the same window, making it simple to place a live NFL bet.

    Within a game, players can access different screen layouts while watching the game in landscape position. These screens offer personalized viewing modes that can provide “advanced insights” or “player stats.” While not tied to betting, they provide vital information that can influence bet placement.

    BetVision live in-app NFL streaming is available from Fanatics Sportsbook in:

    • Massachusetts.
    • Maryland.
    • Ohio.
    • Tennessee.

    Vice President of Product – Fan Engagement, Glen Herold, noted that BetVision users on Fanatics Sportsbook saw a 40% increase in Thursday Night Football streamers from week one to week two of the NFL season.

    Sports bettors in North Carolina may also be offered the BetVision experience next year when the state launches online betting.

    Do I have to pay to watch live-streamed NFL games in my sports betting app?

    Yes and no. There is no subscription fee, but you will be required to wager at least $1 on an NFL game to watch it in-app live.

    Caesars NC has been offering live in-app streaming of local NFL games since last season, but that may change. Fanatics Sportsbook users must place at least a $1 wager ON THAT NFL GAME to view it inside the betting app.

    What NFL in-app streaming could be like when NC launches online sports betting

    According to Genius Sports, DraftKings also has a deal in place to use the BetVision technology in its sports betting app (though it has yet to launch the feature). By the 2024-25 NFL season, when NC online sportsbooks are available, football fans in the Tar Heel State may be able to watch live NFL action and view NC NFL betting odds inside their sports betting app on their mobile devices.

    Note that you may have to place a wager to do so, and not all games are likely to be available for streaming.

    Can BetVision serve as an alternative to NFL Sunday Ticket?

    At this time that strategy won’t work. BetVision, a live-streaming service currently available in the Caesars Sportsbook, BetRivers Sportsbook, and Fanatics Sportsbooks in certain jurisdictions, only permits live streaming of NFL games that are being broadcast in that local market, as well as nationally-televised games.

    That means you won’t be able to just wager on every NFL game and get live streaming for each on your smartphone. There is also no “red zone” or highlights package available from BetVision yet.

    Can I watch Carolina Panthers games live in my sportsbook app?

    Yes, once online NC sports betting launches, you should be able to watch the Panthers and view Carolina Panthers odds live inside select sports betting apps. Currently, only Caesars, Fanatics Sportsbook, and BetRivers offer the service. You’ll need an account, and the game you want to watch must be available over broadcast airwaves in your region. Depending on the sportsbook, you may also be required to place a bet of at least $1 on the game.

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