Caesars Sportsbook Fire Bets Coming To North Carolina

Caesars Sportsbook will soon be adding a micro-betting feature to its sportsbook app. The new feature, Fire Bets, will act as a Redzone channel for micro-bets. 

When North Carolina online sports betting launches in 2024–sometime between Jan. 8 and June 14–bettors will find this feature in their Caesars Sportsbook app.

Caesars Sportsbook partnering with Simplebet

Caesars is working in conjunction with Simplebet. This will give Caesars North Carolina access to the micro-betting markets when it launches. It will be available for: 

– NFL.

– NBA.

– College Football.

– College Basketball.

– MLB.

“Forging a partnership with an iconic brand and leader in sports betting such as Caesars accentuates that micro-betting is becoming an emerging feature of the betting landscape and a must-have offering for any major sportsbook,” stated Chris Bevilacqua, Simplebet chief executive.

How the Fire Bets feature works

The Fire Bets feature covers bets on the next play of a game or comparable dynamic bets. The feature reorganizes the bets based on pivotal actions in a game. 

For example, a pivotal moment in baseball is when the bases are loaded. Fire Bets will move that action to the top of the betting list. Bettors could then bet whether or not the batter will hit a home run.  

Fire Bets also allows bettors to choose which sports to put at the top of the list. If there are sports a user does not have an interest in, they can block them.

“Micro-betting has transformed the way fans, operators, and media companies view live sporting events and we’re thrilled to work with such a dynamic partner to accelerate its widespread adoption,” Bevilacqua said.

When will Fire Bets be available for North Carolina sports betting?

NC online sports betting could be available as soon as January 2024. Although no licenses have been issued, the North Carolina Lottery Commission, will issue licenses to any operator who secures a written designation agreement with:

– A pro sports team.

– A auto racing track.

– A golf course that hosts an annual PGA tournament.


– The PGA.

With their current presence in the state at both Harrah’s tribal casinos, we fully expect Caesars Sportsbook NC to obtain a license. When Caesars obtains a license and sports betting is live, Caesars Sportsbook North Carolina’s Fire Bet app users can use the app to place micro-bets. 

Caesars Sportsbook has a strong history of generous welcome offers and bonuses in other states. The welcome offers for Caesars Sportsbook NC are expected to be equally as generous. Caesars Sportsbook North Carolina promo code should become available in January 2024.

“Play-by-play betting is an innovation we know our customers want access to,” Caesars Digital president Eric Hession said. “We’re excited to enhance our product experience by bringing customers close to sports, teams, and athletes they love than ever before at a time when the sports calendar is packed with marquee events.”

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