Carolina Panthers Could Open A Retail Sportsbook At Team’s Stadium

Carolina Panthers fans could be placing sports bets at Bank of America Stadium before long. The NFL recently voted to allow sportsbooks to operate at stadiums during game days.

Of course, betting at the Panthers’ stadium is contingent on North Carolina sports betting becoming legal.

NFL stadiums allow retail sportsbooks

It’s been an eventful few years for the NFL’s relationship with sports betting. The league that was once against betting on sports in all forms will now allow fans to place bets within its stadiums.

The Washington Commanders is the only team that already has a Las Vegas-style sportsbook in their arena. That’s likely going to become a lot more commonplace in the near future.

Washington’s sportsbook is already taking bets, but it hasn’t been able to open its doors during game days. That’s the biggest change that will come from the NFL’s latest shift in policy.

If an NFL team adds a retail sportsbook to its stadium, that sportsbook can take bets during the team’s games.

Since online sports betting is incredibly prevalent in legal states, betting during these games is already happening. Fans at stadiums only have to take out their smartphone to place a bet from their seat.

Adding sports betting lounges into the mix will allow teams to capitalize more on the in-game product going forward.

If North Carolina’s sports betting bill succeeds, the Carolina Panthers will likely add a sportsbook to Bank of America Stadium.

Retail sports betting in North Carolina

North Carolina’s sports betting bill could greatly expand NFL betting in the state. Right now, the only legal place to bet is at three retail sportsbooks within the state’s tribal casinos.

The bill would allow sports professional sports stadiums to open in-person sportsbooks. Since the NFL just changed its policy for game-day betting, that puts Panthers betting on the table at the team’s stadium.

It’s an exciting potential change of pace for sports fans in the state. Generally speaking, the more amenities for fans, the better. An in-stadium sportsbook is just another thing to help Panthers fans get the most out of their game-day experience.

Regardless of the NFL’s rules, the team can’t open a sportsbook unless North Carolina’s sports betting bill becomes law. That will have football fans hoping for the bill’s success as it moves through the statehouse.

Assuming things go well for the bill, the Panthers will be able to make the most of the NFL’s policy change.

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