Fliff Sweepstakes Sports Betting App in North Carolina: A Sportsbook Alternative

Fliff Sweepstakes Sports Betting is now available in North Carolina. Online sports betting in North Carolina may be a year away, but you can download Fliff, the app that’s sweeping the nation, especially where traditional sports betting apps are unavailable.

In this article, we explain how you can enjoy sports betting and social media sweepstakes-style contests. We’ll also compare and contrast Fliff with sportsbook apps.

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How Fliff Differs from Traditional Online Sports Betting

Fliff is an engaging mobile app that relies on sweepstakes gaming laws to let users place real-money sports picks, even where sports betting is not legal. That’s because Fliff does not technically allow consumers to place money at risk for a wager. Instead, users of the app place non-cash valued currencies at stake, some of which can be redeemed as a sweepstakes prize.

In a state like North Carolina, which has yet to legalize online sportsbooks, Fliff is the closest thing to regulated sports betting typically offered through companies like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers.

A notable difference between a sportsbook and Fliff is that with Fliff, you do not need to deposit money. You can download and use the app without ever depositing money. That’s because you can make your sports picks with Fliff Coins, which have no cash value. Or use the free Fliff Cash you’ll receive and turn that into a larger total that can fund sports bets on the Fliff Cash side of the app.

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Even if you’re not sure what Fliff is yet, this is a great time to try this popular game. Here is how to claim $100 in Fliff Cash and 600,000 Fliff Coins.

  1. Visit the Fliff North Carolina website.
  2. Register for free and use Promo Code SHARP to get $100 in Fliff Cash and 600,000 Fliff Coins.
  3. Start making sports predictions with either Cash or Coins in Fliff, or you can even copy your bets from the Coin side to the Cash side and vice-versa.
  4. Earn more Coins every day simply by using the app.
  5. Buy more Coins as needed, and get Fliff Cash each time you purchase a package.
  6. Connect your bank account to make it easy to get payouts if you bet with Cash and get to at least $100.

Fliff is available in every state except Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, and Washington. You may be able to use Fliff in one of those states but you could be limited to Coin-only play, and not be allowed to redeem for cash prizes.

Comparing Fliff to a Sportsbook

Play Without Making a Deposit
Available in more than 40 States
Available in North Carolina
Real-Money Payouts
In-Game "Live" Betting
Quality Mobile App Available for iPhone and Android
Create your own parlays
Moneyline, point spread wagers
Daily Odds Boosts
Place Bets on Professional and College Sports
Use Credit and Debit Cards or Bank Transfer to Purchase Coin Packages (or Play Through)
Futures Bets

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fliff in North Carolina

How old do I have to be to use Fliff in North Carolina?

In most states, you need to be 18 to download and use the Fliff app. No one under 18 is allowed to utilize the app, according to its terms of use. In a few states, you may need to be 19.

Fliff does not require identity authentication in order to use Fliff Coins, which have no cash value, and no deposits are required.

Is Fliff legal?

Fliff is legal in more than 40 states, even where sports betting apps are not. How? Because Fliff leverages rules regarding sweepstakes and carefully maintains its status as a sweepstakes program rather than a betting app. While some states that offer Fliff limit the amount you can win (Florida. New York, and Rhode Island), most states that offer the app allow unfettered play with Fliff Coins or Fliff Cash.

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How does Fliff pay winnings?

There are two ways to make a bet in Fliff:

  1. Use Fliff Coins (no cash value) OR
  2. Use Fliff Cash

When you play through your Fliff Cash once, any winnings you have can be redeemed at a 1:1 conversion from Fliff Cash to cash. You must have at least $100 in Fliff Cash to withdraw winnings. Fliff will pay those winnings to a bank account or send a check.

Can I use Fliff without risk?

Yes. Many players use the app only on the Fliff Coin side. When you register with Fliff you’ll receive some free Fliff Coins. Coins can be “wagered” like cash in a sports betting app. Make a wager on the moneyline, build a parlay, and so on. If you win, your coin total grows. Coins have ZERO cash value. But, you can trade coins for offers in sweepstakes contests, like gift cards, travel perks, and more. Or play with coins to enjoy sports betting with no risk.

How do I get more Fliff Coins?

If you run out of Fliff Coins, you can get more in one of two ways:

  1. Purchase Coin packages for as little as $4.99
  2. Claim Fliff Coins by using the app: every few hours, Fliff will offer a small amount of Fliff Coins simply for logging in and claiming them.

How do I get Fliff Cash?

Fliff Cash is what transforms the Fliff North Carolina app into a quasi-sportsbook where your predictions on sports events can earn you real-world cash.

When you register with Fliff you’ll get a welcome bonus that includes some Fliff Cash, usually $5 by default. But you can get $100 by using the Promo Code SHARP from NC Sharp.

You can also get more Fliff Cash in these ways:

  1. As a bonus when you purchase Fliff Coins. When you buy a Coin package, you’ll also be shown the bonus Fliff Cash you earn at the same time. For example, when you buy 55,000 Fliff Coins for $9.99, you’ll receive $10 in Fliff Cash. Or you can purchase 1 million Coins for $99.99, and get $100 in Fliff Cash at the same time.
  2. As a bonus when you claim new Fliff Coins. Each time you get free Coins through the app, if your Cash balance is zero, you’ll get a small amount of Fliff Cash too.
  3. By entering Sweepstakes Promotions. Fliff offers many sweepstakes contests through their social media contests where you could be a winner of Fliff Cash bonuses.
  4. Any Fliff user can mail a hand-written, stamped No. 10 envelope to Fliff to receive 5 Fliff Cash credits.

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What are Experience Points (XP)?

Experience Points, or XP, are earned when you place a bet either with Coins or Cash in Fliff North Carolina. You’ll earn some XP each time. You also gain more XP by completing challenges, such as betting on a certain sporting event or creating a parlay, and so on.

The more you wager, the more XP you earn in Fliff. Another method of accruing XP is to complete daily challenges on the app. Challenges include placing a parlay or wagering on a specific game.

As you accrue XP, you can reach milestones to redeem XP for Fliff Cash. For example, 565 XP is equal to $5.65 in Fliff Cash. But be aware: you must play that Fliff Cash through before it actually has value for a possible payout.

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