GambleID Could Keep NC Pro Athletes Compliant With League Sports Betting Policies

As professional sport leagues cement their stance on gambling, GambleID aims to help keep pro athletes compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

We’ve seen it multiple times just this year where professional athletes have been suspended for gambling. Five members of the Detroit Lions were suspended by the NFL, with Detroit releasing three of the bunch after their suspensions. The Colts saw three of their players receive suspensions for gambling, too.

In total, the NFL handed out suspensions for ten players due to gambling violations in 2023 alone – a major bump from years past.

Gambling – specifically sports betting – is growing more popular by the day. It’s more accessible now than ever, with players able to place wagers from their phones.

That accessibility brings more challenges, especially regarding where athletes can place bets and what they can gamble on. Each league has its own rules, as do the states where players live. That’s where GambleID comes into play.

“GambleID is set to revolutionize the gaming industry with its innovative AI-driven customer compliance and payments solution,” GambleID Director of Communication Trés Garner told NCSharp.

Here’s a closer look at what exactly the company provides and how it could be useful to professional sports teams and athletes in North Carolina.

What does GambleID aim to accomplish? How does its technology work?

It’s simple. GambleID’s goal is to keep gamblers protected with an advanced rules logic solution.

Its services include compliance management, player identity confirmation, location and payment solutions. According to a release, GambleID’s player count is over 33 million.

For example, GambleID uses more than 40 geo-location and device reputation systems to pinpoint the precise location of each player. That alone can help gamblers – specifically professional athletes – remain within their respective league’s rules.

Looking at the NFL specifically, players can place sports bets as long as they aren’t betting on an NFL game. They cannot, however, wager from their team or league facilities. They aren’t allowed to bet while on the road with their teams, too.

Jameson Williams, one of the Lions players suspended, said he said he wasn’t even aware of the location rule when it came to sports betting. He didn’t wager on an NFL game, but he did place his bet from a Detroit facility, which dinged him.

“It hit me out of the blue and it hit a couple other players around the league and on my team out of the blue,” Williams said. “I wasn’t aware of this situation.”

Technology such as what GambleID provides would have prevented this issue and hopefully will do so when North Carolina online sports betting launches in the coming year.

According to Garner, GambleID’s boasts the following:

  • Direct API integrations with hundreds of gaming operators
  • Data set of over 33 million verified customers
  • Proprietary rules engine
  • 20 years of gaming partnerships

Are there any similar integrity services available for professional athletes?

Prohibet is another company that provides similar services to GambleID. Prohibet has an existing partnership with UFC. It also partnered with a number of collegiate entities, such as the American Athletic Conference, Conference USA, Mountain West and the Big 12. Prohibet just partnered with Tipico Sportsbook, Underdog Fantasy and PrizePicks

Have any North Carolina pro sports teams gotten on board?

According to Garner, there are professional sports organizations and gaming operators outside of North Carolina that benefit from GambleID’s technology. Outside of North Carolina, there are a number of athletes “whose identities have been secured through GambleID,” but cannot be shared due to privacy standards.

The players suspended from the Lions this year are a great example of the need for awareness regarding the league’s sports betting rules. If players had known, or had some sort of technology that wouldn’t let them place the bet depending on their location, it would have been a different story.

GambleID’s technology would certainly come in handy for players on the Carolina Panthers. The team wouldn’t want to lose players to suspension who gamble against the league’s policy. But GambleID wouldn’t even let that be an issue from the start. North Carolina’s other professional teams, like the Charlotte Hornets or Carolina Hurricanes, could benefit from GambleID’s services.

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