North Carolina Fan’s Guide To Betting On March Madness

This year’s March Madness tournament is finally here, and hoops fans in North Carolina can bet on the action.

Unfortunately, North Carolina online sports betting isn’t legal yet. That makes the process more complicated for residents of the Tar Heel State compared with those who live elsewhere.

Despite that, college basketball fans still have a couple of options for betting on the March Madness action this year.

Visit a North Carolina retail sportsbook

One of the easiest options for betting on March Madness this year is to visit one of North Carolina’s retail sportsbooks.

These Las Vegas-style sportsbooks are located within the state’s three tribal casinos. You can find them at the following locations:

  • Harrah’s Cherokee Casino 
  • Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino
  • Catawba Two Kings Casino 

Retail sportsbooks offer bettors the chance to make a whole day out of their 2023 tournament experience. If you’re traveling to a casino, you can spend the whole day placing bets and watching the action.

That also allows you to enjoy some casino gaming in between the games that you’re interested in.

Driving to a casino isn’t convenient for everyone who lives in North Carolina, but it’s a great option for those that live close enough to easily pull off a day trip.

Hopefully, for bettors in the state, North Carolina’s new online sports betting bill will succeed so that internet betting makes the process simple next year.

Drive to Virginia or Tennessee

Since online betting isn’t legal in North Carolina yet, your only other option to bet on March Madness this year is to drive to a different state.

Neighboring Virginia and Tennessee have legal online sports betting industries available to everyone. All it takes is a quick trip over the border to use the online betting apps in these states.

Thanks to modern smartphones, as long as you’re in a legal state, you can bet on Duke basketball and other March Madness teams.

It typically takes 5 minutes or less to sign up for a new online sportsbook. Just park on the other side of the border, take out your phone and be on your way back to North Carolina in no time.

Again, driving to another state won’t be convenient for everyone. However, it’s a great option if you happen to live nearby the border of Virginia or Tennessee.

This might be the final March Madness where North Carolina bettors must deal with these hurdles. If the state’s new sports betting bill becomes law, then everyone will be able to place bets from the comfort of their homes instead of having to drive to a casino or a different state.

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Jake Garza

Jake Garza is a US Gambling Industry Analyst for Catena Media. He specializes in sports betting and casino content. Prior to covering the legal gambling industry, he spent time as a professional sports writer, reporting on teams such as the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers. Garza has been covering the gambling industry since 2019, and currently works with a team of other journalists to provide comprehensive coverage of the legal U.S. gambling industry.