NC Lottery to Remove 16 Scratch-off Games this Month

The North Carolina Lottery is removing 16 scratch-off games from its roster at the end of this month.

The games being cut include the $5 Carolina Panthers scratch-off, as well as the $10 Hamilton game.

The sweeping removal of these games is part of a resetting of titles that occurs periodically by the state.

Which Scratch-offs Are Going Away?

The other scratch-off games the NC Lottery is eliminating this month include:

  • $20 ticket: The Perfect Gift
  • $10 ticket: Double Diamond Cashword
  • $5 tickets: Ice, Super Loteria, and Holiday Gold
  • $3 tickets: Loteria (No. 862), Nutcracker Cash
  • $2 tickets: 10X The Cash (No. 870), $100 In A Flash, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, and Peppermint Red/Winter Green
  • $1 tickets: 5X The Cash (No. 869), Triple Cash, and Stocking Stuffer

The 16 tickets will no longer be available in North Carolina after May 31. Any prize winners must claim their winnings no later than Aug. 29.

Winning claims between $600 and $99,999 can be handled at one of the six regional claim centers. Scratch-off ticket winners for any of these games being discontinued in the amount of $100,000 or more must be made at the NC State Lottery headquarters in Raleigh. If winners wish to claim anything under $100,000 by mail, they must do so by the end of August.

The NC Lottery generates close to $1 billion annually in tax revenue for the state’s public education programs and scholarships. Players must be at least 18 years old to purchase a ticket, which can be purchased at retailers or online.

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