What Does The New ncgaming.gov Website Have To Offer?

The North Carolina Lottery Commission has launched a new website to provide public information on the legal gambling industry and also serve as a hub for industry members to submit their documentation.

The new site, ncgaming.gov, supplements the NC Lottery’s current sports betting page and gives the NCLC a larger repository for all the state’s legal gaming information.

The website opened during the North Carolina online sports betting rule-making process, currently in its second round.

NCSharp took a tour of the new site, and we provide our overview below.

Main sections and key information on ncgaming.gov

The new ncgaming.gov website from the NC Lottery Commission allows visitors to connect with the NC Lottery Commission, find resources on Gaming in North Carolina and see the latest news about NC gaming regulatory activity.

The home page presents a simple section at the top titled “Key Services” that provides quick access to the following:

– Commenting on the rules-making phase.

– Signing up for email updates from the NCLC.

– Registering for an ADW license (Advanced Deposit Wagering).

Down the page, users can find updates from past NCLC meetings and a calendar of upcoming meetings.

Access to state gambling rules and regulations

Visitors can find all pertinent documents covering legal gambling in one place. In the top navigation banner, a “Rules & Compliance” tab provides access to the state’s sports betting law and all rules and regulations proposed by the NCLC.

As further rule-making batches get added, they will appear on this page as will any future legislative amendments to the sports betting law.

With all state gaming laws, rules and regulations in one place, ncgaming.gov will become a vital resource for all industry stakeholders.

Can I find approved sports for wagering on the ncgaming.gov website?

Yes, the North Carolina Sports Wagering Catalog is available for download. The catalog lists all approved sports and sporting events allowed to be bet in the state. It also includes the relevant governing bodies for each sport.

The NCLC Sports Betting Committee also includes a list of all approved wager types at the beginning of the catalog.

Regulators may update the catalog as petitions for new sports and bet types come in. Currently, the state allows 45 sports and 11 different bet types.

How ncgaming.gov differs from the NC Lottery sports betting page

How does this new site differ from/expand on the NC Lottery Sports Betting page?

The primary improvements come via the interactive features that were previously unavailable. Now, consumers can sign up for updates, see meeting schedules and minutes, apply for licenses, and even submit comments to the commission on the rule-making process.

By law, the NC Lottery Commission must include public participation in crafting its sports betting industry. That means bettors, sports fans, athletes, business owners, casino operators, sportsbook companies, lobbyists, lawmakers, college athletic directors, vendors associated with the industry and owners of professional sports teams can all have a voice in the process. Even folks who don’t intend to take part in sports betting are invited to make comments and suggestions.

The new site provides a venue for all stakeholders to share their thoughts and find necessary information on the state’s legal gaming industry.

Benefits of the new ncgaming.gov website

As the new website proclaims, the”North Carolina State Lottery Commission and its staff have the responsibility to license and regulate sports betting and wagers on horse racing, under the Sports Wagering and Horse Race Wagering law.”

Every website needs to satisfy its core constituency. For the NCLC website, that means it should benefit licensees and sports betting operators, the public, casinos, and even professional and collegiate sports teams.

In total, visitors can find all of the following resources at ncgaming.gov:

– Access to sports wagering laws and regulations in North Carolina.

– Numbers and email addresses of key regulatory offices in the state.

– Gaming license forms and public licensee information.

Responsible Gambling resources.

Compliance information.

– Hearing and meeting schedules for the NC Lottery Commission.

– News and Public Relations Information.

– Information about the members and staff of the NCLC.

Horse Race Wagering Regulations and Information.

Code of Ethics for the NC Lottery Commission.

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