These Online Sportsbooks Could Be Coming To North Carolina

If North Carolina legalizes online sports betting, a flood of new sportsbook operators will rush to take bets in the state. Many of these companies are national brands that would be making their debut in the Tar Heel State.

Some of these operators are already offering daily fantasy games in North Carolina. In other words, these sportsbook brands might already sound familiar.

Since sports betting in North Carolina has so much potential, future bettors need to know what to expect.

Possible North Carolina online sportsbook brands

Lawmakers are expected to file a new bill to legalize online sports betting in North Carolina. If the latest push for legalization succeeds, it will mean big changes for the state.

A horde of new sports betting companies would be competing for your attention.

Some sports fans in North Carolina are already aware of these businesses. For some, that’s thanks to driving to Virginia and Tennessee to place bets using these online sportsbooks.

Here’s a quick list of a few of the biggest names to keep an eye out for:

North Carolina’s two Harrah’s casinos already feature retail Caesars Sportsbooks, so some bettors might already be familiar with the company. While the online app shares the same branding, it offers a much different experience compared to in-person betting.

This isn’t the complete list of sportsbooks that could make their way to the state, but rather some of the more popular betting apps around the country that are sure to make an appearance.

Each has something unique to offer, including a rotating list of deals and promotions. These bonuses will eventually help North Carolina bettors get the most bang for their buck.

How many online sportsbooks will North Carolina have?

Online sportsbooks will be eager to take bets in North Carolina, and sports fans in the state will have plenty of options.

Previous sports betting bills have tried to open up 10-12 slots for different companies to fill. There’s no way to know exactly how many sportsbooks the state’s new bill will call for until it’s officially filed, but expect the number to fall somewhere in that range.

Generally speaking, the more sportsbooks, the better.

Having multiple options in a market helps keep things competitive. That’s a huge win for the average bettor who will get to enjoy all of the sports betting bonuses that these companies release.

Multiple sportsbooks at your fingertips also let you shop for the best lines to make sure you’re getting the best deal available.

All of this would become available shortly after North Carolina legalizes online sports betting. Hopefully, for sports fans in the state, the new bill will succeed in the statehouse this spring.

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