Test Driving BetMGM’s New Sportsbook App

I test-drove the newly-redisgned BetMGM app that launched yesterday in North Carolina. I’m sharing my experience with anyone considering it to take advantage of the BetMGM Sportsbook NC promo code.

BetMGM announced that it would upgrade its sports betting app last month. The roll-out began in Nevada first, a few weeks before the NC online sports betting launch. I was in Las Vegas right after the upgrade went live, so I decided to take the new app for a spin.

Overall, I found it to be snappy and easy to navigate.

Here’s my take on it, and whether I think it’s worth a spot in your app drawer.

New features of the BetMGM Sportsbook app

The news release highlighted an expanded parlay menu, BetMGM Rewards integration, easier digital withdrawals and deposits and live-streaming capabilities.

BetMGM touted its expanded parlay menu through its new SGP+ feature. This feature allows user to build a “super” same-game-parlay ticket by combining multiple SGPs for bigger odds.

Parlays, parlays everywhere

Straight away, after creating my account and opening the app, I received a “Lions Boost” offer, optimized for my geolocation. Sure enough, it comprised a two-leg parlay for the Golden Knights to win plus the over on 5.5 goals. I got another Golden Knights Lions Boost the next day. This time it offered a player prop bet for Eichel to score 1+ goals. In both cases, the daily Lions Boost was a small odds boost promo.

I took the first Lions Boost but didn’t combine it with anything and watched my money slip away as the Golden Knights lost a low-scoring grinder.

Other promo boosts showed up under the top navigations screen–the (Tim) Howard Boost, which offered a parlay for two UEFA Champions League games, and the Jalen (Rose) Boost, which offered NCAA basketball parlays on outright winners. I couldn’t combine any of those promo boost parlays into an SGP+ nor could I combine any other parlay with a promotional parlay boost offer.

While I didn’t place any other SGP+ bets, I did build a few to experiment.

By far the easiest way to do this was by using BetMGM’s “Build Parlay” button located just under the chosen game. Selecting it shows you a variety of markets for a given game that you can select one at a time to create the parlay. At least three selections are required.

BetMGM Sportsbook app same-game-parlay screenshot

After making your selection, you move on to a different game and repeat. Your SGPs show up under the Parlay tab of your Bet Slip as an SGP+. They also show up under the Straight tab as single parlay bets that you can place one at a time.

BetMGM Sportsbook app bet slip screenshot

One thing to note when building a parlay using the Parlay Builder tool is that you’ll get different odds and more player prop options. For example, if you make a straight prop bet on LaMelo Ball, you might get an over/under on his total points set at 21 points. However, using the Parlay Builder Tool, you’ll get a variety of point totals for the over-under.

Parlays can push you out of your comfort zone

All in all, the BetMGM app seems geared toward same-game markets with the number of same-game bet options they offer and the ease of building same-game parlays. I found this convenient, and, to be honest, it made the thought of making a single straight bet seem paltry when so many parlay options could turn my $10 bet into hundreds.

Keep this in mind when using the BetMGM app (or any app, really) to build your bet slip. If you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s time to put down the phone and take a break.

Live-streaming is nowhere to be found

In Nevada, you can’t just fire up your phone, hit the app store and download a sports betting app. Nope. You’ve got to drive to that operator’s retail sportsbook, most of which are on the Strip, and set up your account there.

So, I drove to the MGM Grand, meandered my way through the hotel and stood in line at the MGM Sportsbook behind a few other people also setting up their apps. The concierge made this completely unnecessary process quite worthwhile by offering me drink tickets and answering my questions.

Specifically, I wanted to know how to stream games on the app. This took him by surprise, and he called his manager who hadn’t heard anything about live-streaming sports on the BetMGM app either. I decided not to look overly pedantic by showing them the press release hyping the new app’s live streaming capabilities. Instead, I took my drink tickets and let them talk me into making my first deposit in the sportsbook.

To be honest, I was disappointed that I couldn’t livestream games. I suspect that feature will be rolled out in the near future as MGM only touted the new app’s live streaming capabilities. With live sports being cast to the very winds of multiple streaming services, it’d be nice to know I can watch the game I put money on on my phone.

MGM Rewards integration could seal the deal for some

As part of my in-person registration, I created an MGM Rewards account. My digital rewards card, account number, member status and login immediately appeared in the app. After placing a few bets, I got a notification that I’d accrued MGM Rewards points. I’m a long way from anything that’ll help me get a free night’s stay at an MGM property, but those rewards program features now tether automatically to my sportsbook account.

I doubt this will influence my decision to use BetMGM over any other app–I’m not interested in this type of travel–but for people who go to Vegas, Atlantic City, Maryland or any other place MGM has hotels, this may be a major draw.

The BetMGM app deserves a spin

For NC sports bettors, you should have the BetMGM app in your phone. Especially with such a good offer at launch, there’s no excuse not to download it for the $150 in Bonus Bets — that’s one of the more rewarding, easy-to-understand NC sportsbook promo offers out there.

I liked it for the overall quickness and ease of use. This goes a long way for me. Drop down menus worked well to list a variety of bet markets on a given game. The side-scrolling top navigation menu worked smoothly, and I enjoyed some of the original content they’ve added. You can find these interesting markets under the Signature tab for a given game.

BetMGM Sportsbook app screenshot

BetMGM has included these “signature” props for certain markets. I’ve only seen them on NBA games so far, but they’ve included options like The Ricky Barry (no missed free throws for a given player) and From Downtown (given player to make a 35+ ft. three-pointer). Not something I’m looking for, but I’d put $5 on a game to root for someone dropping bombs from way downtown.

The Signature feature is a creative touch that does what sports betting ultimately should do. It gives me a way to spend a little money to make the game more fun.


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