The Next Online Sportsbooks We Could Hear From In North Carolina

Three additional sportsbook companies have requested North Carolina sportsbook operator applications but haven’t completed them yet.

The three sportsbooks that North Carolinians could hear about next are:

– SBOPCO, LLC – Superbook.

– Digital Gaming Corporation USA – Betway.

– Titan Sports Betting LLC – Titanbet.

There is no guarantee that any of these companies will submit North Carolina online sports betting applications, but here is what to know if they do.

Superbook, Betway and Titanbet could be testing NC waters

Titanbet is based in Antigua and is unavailable in the United States, but it has a large presence in Canada and Latin America. It’s better known abroad for its casino produce, but it does offer an impressive range of tennis and international baseball betting markets. Titanbet’s application request signals an interest in reviewing requirements to break into the American sports betting market.

Superbook is best known for its retail sportsbook in Las Vegas. Its sportsbook app hasn’t found the same mass success online. The Superbook app is only available in nine states: Arizona, Maryland, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, Tennessee, Iowa, New Jersey and Virginia.

With a presence in two neighboring states, Superbook could have enough of a regional presence to justify entry into the North Carolina market.

Betway is a global sportsbook brand, but its American sports betting footprint has remained small. It’s also available in nine states: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Indiana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Like Superbook, Betway will have to evaluate the market potential of North Carolina to see whether an entrance is worth it.

These companies have expressed interest in applications, but that doesn’t mean they will launch. They all could decide that North Carolina’s market isn’t large enough to justify the investment in a launch.

What’s more, they will have to decide if the remaining sports betting dance partners match up well with their needs and ambitions for the future. Those five entities are:

– Carolina Panthers.

– Charlotte FC.

– NC Courage.

– Sedgefield Country Club.

– North Wilkesboro Speedway.

Known North Carolina sports betting applicants

These commercial sportsbooks have already completed license applications:

– Crown NC Gaming – DraftKings.

– Betfair Interactive US – FanDuel.

– BetMGM, LLC – BetMGM.

– Penn Sports Interactive – ESPN Bet.

– Hillside (North Carolina) LLC – bet365.

– FBG Enterprises – Fanatics Sportsbook

– Tribal Casino Gaming Enterprise Cherokee – Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

– Catawba Two Kings Casino

Many of these names are familiar in sports betting markets across the United States. DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM are the dominant brands in the US sports betting industry. They regularly capture 80-90% of the market where all three are present.

The remaining companies are new and/or smaller players in the American sports betting market. They don’t capture the market share that the top three brands have, but they’re able to expand to new markets and find audiences all the same.

The Cherokee and Catawba tribes operate casinos in North Carolina, and the law gives each an operator license should they so choose one. An online sports betting presence would create a pipeline to advertise the tribal casinos to new customer segments.

North Carolina Gambling Landscape

Online sports betting will generate new revenue for North Carolina when it launches. While we don’t know exactly when that will be, Gov. Roy Cooper has made it very clear that he’d like to see online sports betting go live before March Madness.

Like in most states, DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM will likely be the largest sports betting players in North Carolina. It will be exciting to see though how ESPN Bet, Fanatics and Bet365 perform as all three have begun to make a concerted push to gain market share in other states.

The remaining brands have had to make decisions about which markets to enter to ensure their potential investments were worth it. There’s a reason that FanDuel is in 25 states and Superbook is in nine.

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