Underdog’s Superstar Swipe Mini-Game Is Now Available

Underdog Sportsbook unveiled a new mini-game that looks similar to Tinder, but for sports betting.

Superstar Swipe is a “new way to place parlays” within Underdog Sportsbook. The feature allows you to swipe through playing card-like player props for stats like home runs and goals scored, rejecting them with a swip in one direction and adding them to your parlay bet slip with a swipe in the other direction.

Superstar Swipe is only available at NC online sportsbooks as of this writing. It has NHL and MLB parlays on offer, with other sports expected in the future.

How Superstar Swipe Works

Underdog Sportsbook’s SuperStar Swipe shows you a feed of players within a specific sport, say the MLB. Player headshots appear in the feed with odds for specific markets, such as the “to record a hit” prop. If you like the player and the odds, swipe right. Not for you? Swipe left.

Underdog shared a video of the feature in action on X:

First Impressions of Superstar Swipe

While it is so new and limited in the available markets, our early impressions should be taken with a grain of salt.

First of all, it seems like a gimmicky way to sort through Home Run & Goal Scorer props. Some may like the player card appearance of the props, but we prefer looking at a list of players (which you can still do, if you want). Using the swipe feature, you can either go through the whole list of available players, or you can filter it by team.

If you swipe to the left, the pick is discarded; if you swipe to the right, the pick is placed in your bet slip. Like Tinder. When testing it out we kept accidentally dumping picks onto our bet slip that we then had to remove (and it isn’t always easy to remove things from the bet slip). There is potential for some accidents here.

A quick comparison with other NC sports betting apps reveals the odds aren’t terrible, but they are consistently a little worse than what you can find at other sites. 

About Underdog Sportsbook

Underdog Sports lives up to its name. It was a late arrival in the sports betting space, emerging from its position as a leading daily fantasy sports app. It began as a pick’em style DFS app, an that aspect of the business is still available in numerous states. Underdog’s foray into the world of sports betting has just begun. It went live first in North Carolina, and that’s still the only state where the sportsbook is offered.

Ohio is next on the docket for Underdog Sportsbook. The company has a license to operate in the Buckeye State, but it has yet to act on it. We expect it to launch in Ohio sometime in 2024.

Martin Harris, NCSharp content specialist, contributed to this report.

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