Odds Boosts at North Carolina Sportsbooks

Odds boosts have quickly become the number one promotional tool for legal and licensed online sportsbooks across the United States. Most online sportsbooks now boost the odds of several bets every day to induce more people to bet. It’s a strategy these sportsbooks continue to lean on in North Carolina.

Check out our complete guide to odds boosts below. You can learn all about the different odds boost options at various sportsbooks, find out which sportsbook apps provide the best boosts, where to find odds boosts in any sportsbook menu, and claim an odds boost for yourself.

Plus, we’ve got some insight into why sportsbooks go out of their way to offer up this added value. We’ll assess whether most odds boosts offers are ultimately worth it and whether a good bet really needs a boost.

North Carolina sportsbooks with boosted odds

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings North Carolina brings an unmatched level of promos and bonuses to any state where it operates. This includes a huge variety of daily odds boosts promos. Whichever major sport is in season—whether it’s the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL—seems to get the most boost attention at DraftKings.

DraftKings even runs what it calls Super Boosts for even more value. Some recent examples of Super Boosts at DraftKings Sportsbook include:

  • KD PHX Debut Super Boost: Odds on Kevin Durant scoring 15+ points, hitting 1+ three-pointer and the Suns winning in his first game with Phoenix boosted to +100.
  • Live SGP Super Boost: Combine bets into a live single game parlay during a game and get a 50% boost.

DraftKings is always running some kind of contest, pool or bonus opportunity. Many of its price boosts are practically giveaways, with boosted odds on bets that almost can’t lose.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars NC Sportsbook already offers up some of the best odds in the country and regularly boosts these odds on all kinds of different bets. Caesars is known for going outside the typical odds boost box. This includes things like its NFL futures odds boosts, offering boosted futures odds on NFL teams winning a division title. What’s more, its MLB Super Boosts select one MLB game every day and push, say, a -140 to -200 favorite up to +100 odds.

Look under the ‘Boosts‘ tab and you’ll find as many as 50 or more boosts on any given day. As an example, here’s just a few of what we found on a single day in early March 2023:

  • NCAA BASKETBALL BOOST: Xavier, Maryland, Kentucky & Pittsburgh All Win on 3/1 now +800
  • NBA BOOST: DeMar DeRozan, Jimmy Butler & Jalen Brunson Each Over 24.5 Points on 3/1 now +900
  • NHL BOOST: Flyers Win 4-2 vs Rangers on 3/1 now +2900

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM North Carolina brings a variety of odds boosts to North Carolina. Most focus on different aspects of the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL seasons.

These days, BetMGM posts a daily Lion’s Boost that lifts specific odds. The Lion’s Boost might elevate the odds on an NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL moneyline from -150 to +150. As an example, on March 1, 2023, the Lion’s Boost bumped the odds on the Boston Celtics leading after every quarter in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers from +175 up to +220.

Single game parlays and sport-specific parlays also get the boost treatment quite often at BetMGM.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel NC Sportsbook offers some decent value in the form of regular odds boosts. Click the ‘Boosts‘ tab (designated by a lightning logo) on FanDuel’s menu to see what’s available every day. As an example of what you might find:

  • Golf odds boosts: Jon Rahm and Rory McIlroy to Each Finish Top 20 in Round 1 of Arnold Palmer Invitational – Was +230 Now +330
  • Basketball odds boosts: Kevin Durant 15+ Points, Donovan Mitchell 20+ Points, and Joel Embiid 25+ Points (3/1) – Was -150 Now +120

You can expect to find even more odds boosts surrounding marquee sporting events at FanDuel Sportsbook.

What is an odds boost?

Odds boosts are promotions that offer you better than the normal sports betting odds on a bet. Win a bet with boosted odds, and you win more money than you typically would. Odds boosts can go as high as 20:1 or more.

Many sportsbooks boost the odds on different types of bets every day and offer even bigger odds boosts surrounding big games and special events. Sometimes, a sportsbook will even let you choose where to apply the boost. Sportsbooks will boost the odds on standard game lines, props, prop combos, parlays, single game parlays, and just about any other bet they offer. Most surround the Big 4 (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), but odds boosts can be made available for golf and tennis tournaments, UFC fights and more.

Online sportsbooks will publicize odds boosts on social media and keep them up front on the odds boards to catch your attention. Odds boosts offer up some great value, but a losing bet is still a losing bet, no matter the odds. In other words, you have to win a bet with an odds boost to get any value from this type of sports betting promotion.

How do enhanced odds work?

Here’s a quick look at how basic odds boosts work at sports betting sites in North Carolina:

  • Look for bets labeled as odds boosts. They’ll tell you what the odds were before the boost and what they are now.
  • Find various odds boosts under a sportsbook’s ‘Boosts’ or ‘Promotions’ tab and upfront in the list of available betting markets.
  • Claim an odds boost simply by clicking on the boost, filling out a bet slip, and placing a bet at the boosted odds.
  • Remember, sportsbooks will boost the odds on game lines, props, combos, and parlays.

How to boost your own odds

Sometimes, sportsbooks will let you apply an odds boost to any bet you like. The size of the boost will be limited to a specific amount, like +150 for example. All you really need to do is opt into this type of promo and you should be able to apply the boost to the bet of your choice by ticking a box on a bet slip.

  • NFL odds boosts: You’ll find all kinds of different NFL odds boosts at licensed online sportsbooks. However, NFL parlays are so popular that they’re often the boost recipient. NFL odds boosts specifically surrounding the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl are also quite common.
  • NBA odds boosts: NBA odds boosts are available for a variety of different bets at licensed online sportsbooks. However, NBA scoring props are so popular that you’ll find boosted odds on NBA player scoring props almost every night of the week during the season. NBA game line odds boosts specifically surrounding the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals are also found regularly at that time of year.
  • MLB odds boosts: There really isn’t an MLB bet available that licensed online sportsbooks won’t boost somewhat regularly throughout the long MLB season. However, it appears odds boosts surrounding home run and strikeout props are the most common. Most sportsbooks will also up the number of MLB odds boosts when the postseason and World Series begin.
  • College football and basketball odds boosts: NCAA football odds and NCAA basketball odds also get the boosted treatment from licensed online sportsbooks. With so many games on the schedule for these two sports, most sportsbooks like to boost the odds on three-team game-line NCAA football and basketball parlays. Look for even more boosts during bowl games and throughout March Madness.

Odds boosts vs. parlays and teasers

Nothing is more fun and exciting than turning a small bet into a big win. Multi-leg parlays are one of the only ways to do this betting on sports. The more legs, the bigger the odds. But as your potential payout goes up, your chances of winning the bet nosedives.

Turn your parlay into a teaser and you can manipulate the lines to increase your chances of winning. However, teasers pay much less than parlays because you’re giving yourself a better shot to win.

Now, odds boosts add value to winning bets. However, the odds are never really boosted enough to allow you to turn a small bet into a big win like you can with a traditional multi-leg parlay. Plus, boosted odds on massive longshots don’t offer much value if they don’t stand a realistic chance of winning.

So between parlays and odds boosts, which is better? It depends on what you’re after. Take a chance with a small bet on a parlay and you may win big. But take advantage of an odds boost on a more reliable favorite and you’re increasing your return on your investment.

Are odds boosts sucker bets?

A sucker bet is one that either doesn’t stand a chance of winning or doesn’t pay anywhere near the true odds of winning if it does come in. On one hand, odds boosts can be sucker bets when applied to a long shot with no real chance of winning. In that case, you’re just chasing a bigger payout on something that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

On the other hand, most odds boosts offer better prices and more value on bets that might actually win. State sportsbooks offer this type of NC sports betting bonus to get you to keep betting with them. They want you to win enough to remain a loyal customer, so they often apply the boosts to reasonable bets.

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