MLB Betting in North Carolina

Once legal and regulated sports betting lands in North Carolina, MLB betting odds will be available for every game and every aspect of the MLB season.

You can find run lines, moneylines and totals for every MLB matchup, plus MLB props, futures and parlays to bet on all season. All MLB odds will be available at online betting sites and betting apps, which turn your phone or tablet into a mobile sportsbook.

See below for the top MLB betting apps and the best NC sportsbook sites.

Best MLB betting apps and online sportsbooks

Potential NC Sportsbook

Potential NC Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook


DraftKings Sportsbook is an official MLB sports betting partner and offers streaming integration so you can watch live MLB games in the app itself.

MLB lines and odds at DraftKings Sportsbook are always competitive. DraftKings also has more live MLB betting options than any other sportsbook.

MLB-specific promos on the platform often include:

  • Bet $1, Win $100 on any MLB game
  • 100-1 odds boosts surrounding classic regular-season and postseason matchups
  • More odds boosts that pay off when teams do something as simple as get one hit

Potential NC Sportsbook

Potential NC Sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook


BetMGM is an official sports betting partner of MLB. Major League Baseball’s official stats feed is integrated into the betting platform in various ways.

BetMGM’s MLB betting lines and odds are extremely competitive. MLB promotions available often include:

  • Bet $10, Get $200 offers for crucial MLB matchups and special MLB events
  • Daily MLB odds boosts

Potential NC Sportsbook

Potential NC Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook is an authorized gaming operator of MLB and uses official MLB data.

MLB odds and lines on FD are competitive, and there’s a specific focus on MLB live betting, as it makes up more than half of the platform’s baseball betting handle.

MLB promos on FanDuel typcially include:

  • Bonuses when you bet MLB futures market
  • No Sweat Bet offers
  • MLB odds boosts

Potential NC Sportsbook

Potential NC Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook


Caesars Sportsbook is an authorized MLB gaming operator, and its MLB odds and lines are always worth a look.

Past MLB promos at Caesars have included:

  • MLB Long-Ball SGP Club offer (bet $10 on any MLB SGP and get a $100 bonus)
  • MLB odds boosts all season long

How to use an MLB betting app

Download and install an MLB betting app on your phone or tablet, and you can use it to bet on baseball anywhere (anytime) in North Carolina. These apps feature the same live and pregame lines available on MLB betting sites.

Here are OS-specific instructions for how you can get in this game:

iOS InstructionsAndroid Instructions
  • Using your iPhone or iPad, tap a link to a legal and regulated sportsbook found on this page

  • Tap the download link to head over to the sportsbook’s landing page

  • Tap the “Get” button
  • Using your Android phone or tablet, tap a link to a legal and regulated sportsbook found on this page

  • Tap the Android download link

  • Tap “Install” when prompted
  • You must be inside a state that has licensed an MLB betting app to use it. If you are, you can place MLB bets by:

    • Clicking on any MLB betting odds posted on the app;
    • Filling out the remainder of the instantly created betslip with the amount you want to bet, any other bets and the type of bet you want to place;
    • Confirming all betting info on the slip and placing your bets.

    MLB live betting

    Baseball betting apps let you bet on live MLB games at odds that change with the action on the diamond.

    It’s mostly the same lines that are available before the first pitch. But with MLB live betting, there are additional lines available for every inning, at bat and even every pitch—live as it all happens.

    How to bet MLB run lines, moneyline & totals

    MLB moneylines mean you bet on game winners only. Youbook your bets at the currently posted odds.

    If your pick wins, you win. Bet $100 on the Atlanta Braves at +105 against the Houston Astros at -115, and you’ll collect $205 if the Braves win.

    MLB run lines factor a run line into the final score to determine what side of a bet wins. Run lines are set at 1.5 runs, but alternatives are available at differing odds.

    Bet $100 on the Atlanta Braves 1.5 run line at +125 against the Houston Astros and you’ll collect $225 if the Braves win by two or more runs. An Astros win or one-run loss makes your Braves bet a loser.

    MLB totals are bets on whether the total score in a game will be over or under a line. These are almost even-money bets with a vig for sportsbooks.

    Bet $110 on the Atlanta Braves/Houston Astros Over (-110) with the line at 5.5 runs and you’ll collect $210 if the total score is six runs or more.

    How to bet first five innings in MLB

    Most baseball betting sites now offer first five innings bets for MLB games. This option lets you bet on the game’s first five innings as if it were a complete game. The score after five innings is considered the final score for this bet.

    In theory, the starting pitchers should have even more of an impact on first five bets because most throw an average of five innings per game. In other words, F5 bets are more of a bet on the starters than anything else.

    Of course, your bets still stand when a starter gets chased early. Many MLB betting apps also post “no run first inning” odds.

    Most popular MLB props and futures

    MLB props include bets surrounding the statistical performance of players in a game or throughout the season. The two most popular game props are:

    • Over/unders on home runs by a player
    • Strikeouts recorded by a pitcher

    MLB futures usually involve season-long bets. The most popular MLB futures market is the one that allows you to bet on the World Series winner. This market is available all year long at odds based on each team’s real and perceived chances throughout.

    You lock in the odds when you place a bet and can get up to six-to-one or more even on the favorites to win it all, depending on how early you place your bet. Offseason futures bets normally offer the best odds.

    MLB alternate lines

    Most online sportsbooks will let you bet alternate run lines and totals for MLB lines. These different lines often get you better odds.

    Just keep in mind that the standard MLB run line is 1.5 runs for a reason. Most games are decided by two runs or fewer, and you’ll be betting against that fact with alternate run lines.

    Who is the public betting for MLB?

    Look around and you can find out a lot about MLB’s so-called “betting public.” Stats like the percentage of bets and the percentage of money bet are widely available for every MLB game.

    If 20,000 bets are placed on the Braves-Astros game and 15,000 of those bets are on the Braves, that means 75% of bets are on the Braves for this game. If the total handle bet on the same game is $7 million and $6 million is being bet on the Braves, that means 85% of the money is on the Braves.

    The difference between the percentage of bets and the percentage of money bet will tell you who the smart money is on, because smart bettors, otherwise known as sharps, tend to bet more than the average Joe.

    The example above shows a 10% difference in the money bet on the Braves versus the raw betting volume on the Braves. That tells you the public is betting big on Atlanta, and big betting indicates the smart money is on that side.

    MLB betting rules at online sportsbooks

    Sportsbooks post specific rules related to MLB bets. Check with each one specifically as these may or may not include the following MLB betting rules.

    • Listed Pitcher Moneyline bets are no-actioned if either listed starter does not start.
    • Action Moneyline bets stand no matter who starts.
    • Games must go at least five innings for moneyline bets to stand.
    • Most bets include extra innings unless otherwise specified.
    • Games must go at least 8.5 innings for run line and totals bets to stand.
    • Run line bets and alternates follow Listed Pitcher Moneyline rules.
    • Games must go at least 4.5 innings for first five innings bets to stand.
    • Wagers are always on listed pitchers; if a listed pitcher does not throw out the first pitch, the wager will be graded “no action.”
    • Teams must play at least 160 games for Team Win Total futures to have action.
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