Best NBA Betting Sites in North Carolina

The best NBA betting sites and apps let you bet on basketball anywhere, anytime and in a variety of ways.

That means you’ll find posted odds on everything from NBA game lines to superstar statistical props to season-long futures odds on who will win NBA MVP, Rookie of the Year and which team will win the NBA Finals.

Here’s what you need to know about NBA betting online, including how to claim your sign-up bonus at the best NBA basketball betting sites and apps.

Best NBA betting sites/apps in North Carolina

Reward promotions

Reward promotions

Caesars Sportsbook


Caesars Sportsbook has some of the most competitive NBA lines around and uses official league data to settle all NBA bets.

NBA betting markets here include standard game lines and all the props and futures you’ll ever need. Caesars also lets you bet in unique NBA basketball betting markets alongside standard game lines, including:

  • Three-Leg Intraconference Parlays
  • Double Double Player Props
  • Same Game Parlays

It sets itself apart from the pack by giving you the chance to earn Tier Credits and Reward Credits with the Caesars Rewards program for every NBA bet. Caesars also runs NBA promos that include regular odds boosts and parlay insurance.

Unique NBA bets

Unique NBA bets

BetMGM Sportsbook


BetMGM aims to offer the best NBA lines, and it has partnerships with some of the NBA’s top teams, including the following:

  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Philadelphia 76ers

NBA betting odds at BetMGM go way beyond standard game lines, stat-line props and championship futures. You bet on virtually any aspect of NBA games and the NBA season.

Outside of the standard game lines, BetMGM offers unique NBA markets, including:

  • Fast Break (First Player to Score)
  • Big Buckets (Total Points Scored)
  • Who’s Going to Win and by How Much? (Winning Margin)

BetMGM is different from every other NBA betting app because of the lucrative promotions it runs surrounding the NBA.

There are often odds boosts on single game parlays, plus bonus boosts surrounding everything from marquee regular season matchups to the NBA Finals.

Live betting

Live betting

DraftKings Sportsbook


DraftKings Sportsbook has positioned itself as the leader in live NBA betting options through its use of Simplebet’s micro-betting technology for NBA games.

It also lets you bet on every pre-game NBA betting market out there, including a serious variety of props and futures. Some standout NBA online betting markets at DraftKings include:

  • Player Threes
  • H2H Player Props
  • Quick Same Game Parlays

DraftKings Sportsbook sets itself apart with its NBA promos, like sports bonuses for superstar scoring in big-time NBA matchups as well as regular odds boosts throughout the season.

Competitive odds

Competitive odds

FanDuel Sportsbook


FanDuel Sportsbook is competitive when it comes to the odds on every single game line, prop and future bet for every NBA game, player and team.

Some of the rarer NBA sports betting markets found at FanDuel include:

  • Player Combos
  • ‘Race To’ Props
  • Winning Margin Alternatives

It also differentiates itself from other sports betting sites in NC with NBA promos like its No Sweat NBA Parlays and 75 to 1 NBA Tip-Off odds boosts.

How to use an NBA betting app

NBA betting apps can make your phone a fast and easy-to-use mobile sportsbook. They offer quicker and easier access to the same NBA lines available at retail and online sportsbooks across the US.

NBA betting apps also get you inside NBA games, allowing you to bet on live odds. Here’s how to download and install an NBA betting app on your device:

iOS InstructionsAndroid Instructions
  • Using your iPhone or iPad, tap a link to a legal and regulated sportsbook found on this page

  • Tap the download link to head over to the sportsbook’s landing page

  • Tap the “Get” button
  • Using your Android phone or tablet, tap a link to a legal and regulated sportsbook found on this page

  • Tap the Android download link

  • Tap “Install” when prompted
  • Of course, you have to be inside a state that allows NBA betting to use any of these basketball betting apps and sites. Sportsbooks use geo-location technology to triangulate your location and verify you are inside state lines.

    Best NBA odds boosts and promos

    Here’s a quick look at three NBA sportsbook promos currently out there that exemplify the types of NC sports betting bonuses that state bettors can expect post-launch:

    • FanDuel’s TNT Thursdays No Sweat Same Game Parlay: Bet a parlay with three or more legs, $1 or more SGP or SGP+ on any NBA on TNT Thursday Game and get a bonus in bonus bets if your bet loses.
    • DraftKings’ NBA NO-SWEAT BET: Bet on an NBA game and get a $10 bonus bet back if you lose.
    • BetMGM’s Bet $10, win $200 NBA promo: All it takes is a $10 bet on any NBA game to win $200. The bet doesn’t have to win.

    How to live bet on NBA games

    All the top North Carolina online sportsbooks offer live odds during NBA games. These are the ever-changing odds you can bet on during NBA games. The odds fluctuate based on time, score and other on-the-court factors.

    DraftKings Sportsbook is the leader in live NBA betting thanks to its use of Simplebet’s micro-betting technology. DK currently offers more live NBA betting options than the competition.

    Of course, you can use any NBA betting app to keep up with live NBA lines and get a bet down before those odds change again.

    How to bet on NBA point spreads, moneylines and totals

    Let’s cover these basic terms for clarity’s sake.

    First, NBA point spreads even out the odds by giving the underdog a points handicap.

    Then, moneylines force you to pick straight-up winners. You’ll obviously get better odds on an underdog than a favorite. Whatever the current odds are, you lock them in when you bet.

    Finally, the over/under is a bet on the total points scored in a game. The sportsbook provides a line, like 225 total points, and you must predict whether the teams’ total combined points will land over or under that threshold. Like spreads, the odds on the over/under are close to even.

    Check out our NBA betting lines page for more.

    Best NBA props and futures

    There’s a huge list of NBA player props at most sportsbooks for every NBA game, including:

    • Points
    • Rebounds
    • Assists
    • Blocks
    • Steals
    • Turnovers
    • Threes Made
    • Double-Doubles
    • Stat Combinations

    There are also season-long NBA player props and futures, where you can bet on:

    • Regular Season MVP
    • Defensive Player Of The Year
    • Sixth Man of the Year
    • Rookie Of The Year
    • Most Improved Player Of The Year

    Standard NBA futures allow you to bet all year long on:

    • NBA Finals Winner
    • Conference/Division Winners
    • Team Win Totals

    NBA alternate lines

    Most sportsbooks will let you place bets on alternate NBA point spreads and over/unders, offering different odds.

    Here’s where you can lay less money or stand the chance to win more. Just keep in mind that the original NBA lines are set with unusual accuracy. Any bet on an alternate line is a bet against the experts’ original calculations.

    You can lay less money or even win more, but your chances of winning these bets aren’t great.

    How to find the best NBA lines

    Because NBA lines might move at one sportsbook and not another, you can shop around and find your bets at improved prices or with more favorable lines.

    This will save you money on your losses and get you paid more for your wins.

    Only lines that move because of heavy betting on one side or the other are worth betting on. If there’s another legitimate reason for the line shift, like a significant scratch due to injury, oddsmakers are looking at the game differently than they were before. You probably don’t want to bet against that.

    Who is the public betting on in the NBA?

    Sportsbooks profit when there’s an even amount of betting on both teams in any NBA game. If the public bets big on one team or the other, they’ll change the odds to draw more bets to the other side and get the betting balance back to even.

    Line movement is how you can tell who the public is betting on. Since that movement goes against what the incredibly accurate oddsmakers really think about a game, you can take the opportunity to bet against the public, betting on what oddsmakers really think will happen in the game at improved prices or with more favorable lines.

    NBA betting is truly localized outside of a couple of very popular teams. That means you should look for this kind of line movement in games involving local NBA teams and the league’s most popular franchises, like the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers.

    NBA betting rules at online sportsbooks

    Basketball has rules and so do sportsbooks when it comes to betting on the NBA. These rules are published on sportsbook websites and most include the different terms, conditions and procedures for how the books handle NBA betting and settling NBA bets.

    Read them before you bet on the NBA, and nothing will come as a shock to you. Most standard NBA betting rules include the following:

    • Bets are settled using statistics and data provided by the NBA.
    • Bets are considered no action and returned on games not played on the scheduled date or at the scheduled venue.
    • Game and second-half bets include overtime. Fourth-quarter bets do not.
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