App State Football Odds

The Appalachian State Mountaineers are hoping for a bounce back year in the Sun Belt Conference of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), after going 6-6 last year. Last season, the Mountaineers defended the home turf very well, just as you would expect from a team with probably the best home-field advantage in the nation. 

To take advantage of the Appalachian State Mountaineers NCAAF odds in North Carolina, you’ll have to visit sportsbooks located at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort, Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River or the Catawba Two Kings Casino

Online sports betting in North Carolina became legal on June 14, when Gov. Roy Cooper signed House Bill 347. The bill allows for 12 online sportsbooks and provides for expanded horse-race betting.

However, North Carolinians will still have a wait before they can place their first mobile bets. The legislature has set the launch window for online sports betting to some time between Jan. 8 and June 14, 2024.

This article will cover the team’s schedule and possible Mountaineers betting options, among other things, to help you make wise college football picks. 

Appalachian State Mountaineers Odds at the Best Sportsbooks

Online SportsbookAppalachian State Mountaineers NCAAF 2022/23 winner odds
BetMGM Sportsbook North Carolina+100000

Where Can You Bet on Appalachian State Mountaineers?

Sports betting in North Carolina is only permitted in the state’s tribal casinos until at least the first half of 2024. Currently, there are three retail sportsbooks in the Tar Heel State:

  • Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort,
  • Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River,
  • Catawba Two Kings Casino. 

The retail sportsbooks take bets on all Appalachian State Mountaineers matchups, including the Appalachian State Mountaineers playoff odds and other notable futures. Given that one of the leading sports betting providers in the country, Caesars, stands behind the sportsbooks at Harrah’s casinos, expect more competitive odds at their venues

NC Online Sportsbooks

While online sports betting was legalized this year, App State fans will have to wait one more season before the new industry is up and running

When it launches, sometime in the first half of 2024, North Carolinians can expect top sportsbooks like FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars and BetMGM to be there at launch. In all, the state will make room for 12 online sportsbooks plus two tribal online sportsbooks.

NC Retail Sportsbooks

You can find Boone Appalachian State Mountaineers NCAAF odds at three retail sportsbooks operating in North Carolina. Two of them are operated by Caesars at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort located in Cherokee and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River in Murphy, some 200 miles from Boone. 

The third retail sportsbook is housed within Catawba Two Kings Casino, less than a two-hour drive from Boone and just 33.6 miles from Charlotte. 

The sportsbooks offer extensive coverage of NCAAF and NFL fixtures, including markets for live wagering, futures markets such as Appalachian State Mountaineers draft odds, and much more. 

Appalachian State Mountaineers 2023 Football Schedule

HomeSaturday, Sept. 23:30 p.m.Gardner-Webb
AwaySaturday, Sept. 95:15 p.m.North Carolina
HomeSaturday, Sept. 163:30 p.m. East Carolina
AwaySaturday, Sept. 237:00 p.m.Wyoming
AwaySaturday, Sept. 30TBALousiana-Monroe
HomeTuesday, Oct. 107:30 p.m.Coastal Carolina
AwaySaturday, Oct. 21TBAOld Dominion
HomeSaturday, Oct. 28TBASouther Miss (HC)
HomeSaturday, Nov. 4TBAMarshall
AwaySaturday, Nov. 11TBAGeorgia State
AwaySaturday, Nov. 18TBAJames Madison
HomeSaturday, Nov. 25TBAGeorgia Southern

    How Appalachian State Mountaineers’ Betting Odds Are Calculated

    North Carolina Appalachian State Mountaineers odds are set by oddsmakers — statistical and betting experts employed by sportsbooks to determine the odds for every App State game. These professionals use several keynote tools, including complex algorithms that determine the odds and lines for all games. 

    These algorithms are fed with swaths of data, such as the current form of the team, squad injuries, H2H scores, historical data, and even the weather conditions, so they can come up with the opening lines and odds. 

    Long gone are the times when Las Vegas oddsmakers were the captains of industry setting the opening lines. Nowadays, all sportsbooks have their own oddsmakers either those working in-house or provided by third-party companies, such as Kambi. 

    Still, the opening lines are crucial for the entire betting experience. Say App State is hosting Georgia State and the opening lines were -110 for the App State as a 3-point favorite. If most of the betting public decides to buy the lines, the sportsbooks may shift them to -105 or even change the point spread to influence the momentum. 

    When that happens, it’s important to note that the changes are usually artificially made and that the odds for the App State win are still the same, which is why you should consider buying the lines as soon as they come out, which is usually a week prior to the game in question. 

    Make sure to go shopping for lines to ensure you get the best Appalachian State Mountaineers odds in North Carolina. 

    Appalachian State Mountaineers Moneyline Odds 

    Moneyline wagers are the go-to option for most college football bettors. They involve betting on the winner of the game at hand and — as such — are a two-way market. Let’s take a look at the typical moneyline Appalachian State Mountaineers odds to calculate the potential return: 

    • Appalachian State Mountaineers: – 250
    • Texas A&M: +350

    The sign next to the number determines the favorite and the underdog in the matchup. The minus (-) sign is designated for the favorite, while the plus (+) sign is reserved for the underdog. The numbers next to the sign tell you how much money you stand to win should your bet come through. 

    Say you want to back the App State in this imaginary match. You’ll need to stake $250 to get $100 in profit. If you decide to go with Texas A&M, your $100 bet will help you bank $350 in profit if the Aggies pull an upset. 

    Appalachian State Mountaineers Point Spread 

    A point spread is the most popular bet in professional and college football. It’s a wager on the margin of victory in the game and serves to level the playing field a bit. A number of points will be deducted from the favorites and added to the underdog to make betting way more interesting. 

    Here’s an example of an NCAAF point spread wager: 

    • Appalachian State Mountaineers: -110 (-3.5)
    • Coastal Carolina: -110 (+3.5)

    Backing the Mountaineers in this matchup means they need to win by 4 or more points for the bet to win. If you bet on the Coastal Carolina point spread, the Chanticleers need to lose by fewer than 3 points or win the game for the bet to come through. 

    App State Mountaineers Futures Odds 

    Futures are wagers settled in the distant future. For example, you’ll see Appalachian State Mountaineers odds of making the playoffs as soon as the season starts, or odds will be offered for the Mountaineers to win the Sun Belt Conference. 

    Sadly, you won’t find many sportsbooks offering Appalachian State Mountaineers odds to win the NCAAF Championship despite the team finishing at No. 19 in the Associated Press poll in 2019. 

    Let’s explore some Appalachian State Mountaineers odds for futures markets offered in top bookies nationwide. 

    To win NCAAF Championship (BetMGM Sportsbook NC)+100000
    To win the Sun Belt Conference (Caesars Sportsbook NC)+400

    App State Prop Bets

    Proposition bets (or props) are wagers related to different occurrences and scenarios in games — other than its final outcome. Prop bets may be placed on team and player performances, including the point difference the team will lose or win by, the number of passing yards and rushing yards for a certain player, receiving yards total, and many more. 

    How to Bet on Appalachian State Mountaineers in North Carolina

    For the next six months at least only retail sports betting in tribal casinos are allowed in North Carolina. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort and Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino host Caesars Sportsbooks, where you can find the best odds at North Carolina sportsbooks. The third and final option is the sportsbook at Catawba Two Kings Casino. 

    Sports betting in the Tar Heel State is reserved for individuals aged 21 years and over. Live kiosks and teller machines are used to play your bets. Once you leave the kiosk or teller machine, both parties see the bet as accepted. 

    Live Betting on Appalachian State Mountaineers in North Carolina

    Live betting includes placing bets on the game in progress. The odds constantly shift to reflect the momentum change on the gridiron. The available in-play bets include the standard moneyline, point spread wagers, and plenty of props (such as which team will score the next touchdown). 

    Since last year, DraftKings has been offering the so-called micro-betting options in partnership with Simplebet where you can bet on play-by-play, throw-by-throw, and pitch-by-pitch events throughout professional and college sporting events — the first of its kind. 

    If you want to get the best odds for Appalachian State Mountaineers live betting markets, you’ll probably have to wait for the team to be down a couple of points in the game and to play against the momentum. However, that can be risky since they might not manage to recover, which makes in-play betting both exciting and precarious. 

    How to Bet on NCAAF in North Carolina 

    College sports betting is permitted in all of North Carolina’s retail sportsbooks. You can even find various North Carolina sports betting bonuses, such as boosted Appalachian State Mountaineers vs. Marshall Thundering Herd odds to celebrate the big rivalry and the famed Mountain Warfare. 

    In addition to odds and lines for all college football matches, North Carolina sportsbooks offer futures, in-play, props, and parlay wagers where you place at least two selections on a betslip for a great payout potential. For example, the maximum parlay payout limit in Catawba Two Kings Casino sportsbooks is capped at 299/1.

    Kidd Brewer Stadium

    Kidd Brewer Stadium or The Rock is home to the Appalachian State Mountaineers football team. It’s the best-defended home turf in all of college football, with the Mountaineers holding a 0.770 record. The stadium can house up to 30,000 spectators. 

    Name: Kidd Brewer Stadium

    Address: 270 Stadium Dr, Boone, North Carolina 28608

    Capacity: 30,000

    Opened: 1962

    Main tenants: The Appalachian State Mountaineers

    App State Football Odds FAQ

    How are Vegas betting odds for the Appalachian State Mountaineers calculated?

    Vegas betting odds for the Mountaineers are calculated by the oddsmakers who base their predictions on a number of factors, including the current form, historical data, roster changes, weather reports, and even their gut feeling at times. 

    Do North Carolina’s legal sportsbooks offer bets on the Appalachian State Mountaineers?

    Yes, they do. You can find odds for the Mountaineers games in the Sun Belt Conference and the entire division in all three retail sportsbooks in the state.

    What's the closest sportsbook to Appalachian State Mountaineers stadium?

    The sportsbook closest to Kidd Brewer Stadium is at Catawba Two Kings Casino in Kings Mountain. The venue is located some 90 miles from the stadium.

    Do Appalachian State Mountaineers have any partnerships with a sportsbook?

    No, they don’t, but that might change once and if online sports betting becomes available in the state.

    Is DraftKings legal in North Carolina?

    No, DraftKings isn’t legal in the Tar Heel State.

    Does DraftKings offer odds on the Appalachian State Mountaineers?

    No, DraftKings doesn’t offer odds on the Appalachian State Mountaineers in its online sportsbooks in states where those are available.

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