Super Bowl Betting Lines for North Carolina

The Super Bowl is a prime opportunity to bet on literally every game line or betting line you can imagine a game having.

North Carolinians can place Super Bowl bets online via a legal sportsbook. We present here the best options for betting on the Super Bowl in North Carolina. We also include a rundown of the different wagers you will find plus the latest Super Bowl lines at the top legal North Carolina sports betting sites.

Live Super Bowl betting lines

Click on any lines posted below to go directly to the sportsbook and start betting (after registration). Use the bonus code to claim any of the best NC sports betting bonuses and promotions available.

What are the betting lines for the Super Bowl?

Legal online sportsbooks offer a variety of Super Bowl lines. The options for betting include:

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Super Bowl moneyline bets

The moneyline wager is a favorite among beginner sports bettors for its simplicity. The bettor is presented with two teams playing in the NFL championship and the odds for each.

  • A negative odds team is considered the favorite to win
  • A positive odds team is considered the underdog.


Atlanta Falcons-120
New England Patriots+200

The bettor selects their preferred team and, if they pick the winner right, they receive payouts based on the bet amount and odds at the time of placement.

A $120 bet on the Falcons as the winning team would result in a payout of $220, which includes the initial bet and a $100 profit. A $100 bet on the Patriots as the winning team would result in a payout of $300, including the original bet and $200 in winnings.

Super Bowl point spread bets

The point spread is the most popular betting line among seasoned sports bettors. Odds makers determine the probable winner by assigning the favored team a negative point spread, while the underdog is given positive points.


Atlanta Falcons-3.5 (-105)
Kansas City Chiefs+3.5 (-105)

If the favorite wins by the spread or more, then bets on them will be paid out. On the other hand, bets on the underdog will win if the favorite fails to cover the spread.

In this instance, the Falcons are predicted to win by at least four points. If they don’t, bets on the Chiefs would be successful. The odds for each side of this wager are the same, which means a bet of $105 on either team would yield $205 as winnings.

Super Bowl Totals (Over/Under) Lines

The totals bet, also referred to as over/under, is a type of bet that doesn’t involve choosing a team to win.

Instead, you predict the combined points scored by both teams at the end of the game, as determined by oddsmakers. You must decide if the final score will be over or under the set point total.

Over48.5 (-110)
Under48.5 (-110)

In this instance, the set total is 48.5. A bet on the over requires a combined score of 49 points or higher, while a bet on the under wins if the total score is 48 points or less.

Both over and under bets have odds of -110, yielding a return of $100 for every $110 wagered.

In-game Super Bowl betting lines

With the increasing popularity of sports betting across the country, having a sportsbook app on your phone has become the norm. The ease and availability of North Carolina-based online sportsbooks and mobile betting apps will make them a preferred choice for many bettors.

One of the key benefits of online sportsbooks is in-game betting, where bets can be placed all throughout the game, not just before the opening kickoff.

This offers a variety of options, including:

  • Updated odds for traditional pre-game wagers such as moneyline, point spread, and totals
  • Unique, real-time bets like who will be ahead at the end of a quarter or at halftime.

Additionally you’ll find live player and team prop bets with odds that change dynamically during the event. An active betting app is the best way to stay on top of the shifting odds.

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What are Super Bowl alternate lines?

Alternate lines can be advantageous when it comes to potential payouts. If you’re confident about a 7.5-point spread in favor of the Chiefs and want to bet higher, you may find odds of +125 at -9.5 points or even more. Bookmakers often offer alternate lines that go in the opposite direction of their primary offerings, and the odds change with each alternative.

For instance, if 4.5 points favor the Chiefs with -110 odds and you doubt their ability to cover the spread, you can choose an alternate line. This alternative could be the Chiefs at a 5.5-point spread with -225 odds or a 6.5-point spread with -330 odds. This way, you may increase your potential payout.

On the other hand, if you have faith in the Chiefs and think they will easily beat the 7.5-point spread, you can take the alternate line with +125 odds and a 9.5-point spread or higher. This is because bookmakers usually offer lines that run in the opposite direction for alternate options, and the odds change with each option.

Alternate lines offer a more flexible choice for those betting on the Super Bowl. It allows bettors to select from various options with different odds based on their comfort level with risk.

It is crucial to consider the odds and to always bet within your means, and we recommend shopping around to find the best odds for the bet you want to make before betting.

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Super Bowl MVP lines

The announcement of the game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is one of the most highly anticipated moments of the Super Bowl for both fans and bettors.

In the past, the MVP award has typically been given to offensive players, like in 2022 when Los Angeles Rams receiver Cooper Kupp won it. However, there have also been instances where a defensive player has won the award, such as in Super Bowls 48 and 50.

For those interested in betting on the MVP, the Super Bowl MVP lines are typically released once the two teams have been confirmed following the NFC and AFC championship games.

In the 2022 Super Bowl, Cooper Kupp was a +600 option for bettors, meaning that a $100 wager on him to win the MVP award would have paid out $700 in total, including $600 in profit.

The favorite to win the MVP award in the 2022 Super Bowl was Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, at +145, with quarterback Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals coming in second at +225.

It’s important to note that quarterbacks have a strong history of winning the MVP award, having received it 31 times as of the 2022 Super Bowl.

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Top promos and sportsbooks for betting on Super Bowl

Here are a few of our favorite online North Carolina sportsbooks where you can make your bets on the NFL, the Super Bowl, and more.

SportsbookBonus Offer
DraftKings NC Promo codeWorth up to $1,200
FanDuel NC Promo codeMake a Bet, Get $200 in bonus bets
Caesars NC Promo CodeFirst bet is on Caesars up to $1,000
BetMGM NC Promo codeBonus bets refund up to $1,500 if first bet loses
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Super Bowl Lines – Odds Boosts & Promos

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the sports calendar and an abundance of offers from online sportsbooks to enhance their game lines.

These consist of odds boosts, bet insurance, parlay insurance, special props, Super Bowl parlays, crossovers, and free-to-play games.

  • Odds boosts: Increased returns on selected wagers, such as boosting the odds on the Super Bowl MVP pick or the outcome of the game.
  • Bet insurance: If a bet loses, some sportsbooks reimburse a portion of the stake up to a specified amount.
  • Parlay insurance: If one leg of a parlay bet loses, some sportsbooks may offer a refund up to a certain amount.
  • Special props: Sportsbooks often create exclusive prop betting opportunities for the Super Bowl that are not included in their regular offerings.
  • Super Bowl parlays: Sportsbooks may craft parlays specifically for the Super Bowl and offer enhanced odds for these bets. For instance, it may be possible to place a bet on a team to win the game and a player to score a touchdown in a single wager.
  • Crossovers: Bets that combine the Super Bowl with another sporting event, such as an NBA or NHL game. This provides a fun way to combine interests in multiple sports and potentially increase winnings.
  • Free-to-play games: Some sportsbooks offer games that are free to play and offer real money prizes without the need for an upfront investment. This offers a chance to try betting and potentially leave with additional cash in hand.

In an effort to attract customers, several sportsbooks place a significant emphasis on their free-to-play promotions. In particular, two leading sportsbooks offered extensive contests as part of a recent Super Bowl promotion:.

  • DraftKings Super Bowl Squares: Total prize pool of $55,000+.
  • Fanduel Big Game Bingo: Compete for a share of the $100,000+ prize pool.

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What are the Vegas Super Bowl lines?

Not long ago, Las Vegas was the sole destination for sports betting enthusiasts. Its oddsmakers were widely regarded as the best in the industry, establishing the benchmark for the rest of the country. However, with the legalization of sports betting in multiple states, the landscape has changed dramatically.

Nowadays, bettors are presented with a wider range of options for sportsbooks, with many operating their own in-house oddsmakers. Although Las Vegas continues to be a hub for sports betting, the lines set by sportsbooks in Nevada are no longer seen as the absolute authority.

Legal and regulated sportsbooks across the country have established themselves as reputable and reliable alternatives.

The rise of decentralized sports betting has allowed bettors to compare lines and seek out the best possible return on their wagers. The industry has become more competitive, with different sportsbooks vying for customers and offering a diverse range of lines.

This increased competition has resulted in better odds for bettors, who now have greater flexibility in finding the right sportsbook to place their bets.

Historical Super Bowl Betting Lines

Here is a list of the betting lines from Super Bowls throughout the years, including the result of the game and the lines for the three major bet types.

SB/Year HeldMatchupLineResultMoneylineSpreadOver/Under
LVIII - 2024Chiefs vs. 49ers49ers -2, O/U 47.5Chiefs 25-22UnderdogUnderdogUnder
LVII - 2023Chiefs vs. EaglesEagles -2.5, O/U 48.5Chiefs 38-35UnderdogUnderdogOver
LVI - 2022Rams vs. BengalsRams -3.5, O/U 49.5Rams 23-20FavoriteUnderdogUnder
LV - 2021Chiefs vs. BuccaneersChiefs -3, O/U 56.0Buccaneers 31-9UnderdogUnderdogUnder
LIV - 202049ers vs. ChiefsChiefs -1, O/U 54.5Chiefs 31-20FavoriteFavoriteUnder
LIII - 2019Patriots vs. RamsPatriots -2.5, O/U 57.5Patriots 13-3FavoriteFavoriteUnder
LII - 2018Eagles vs. PatriotsPatriots -4, O/U 49.0Eagles 41-33UnderdogUnderdogOver
LI - 2017Falcons vs. PatriotsPatriots -3, O/U 57.0Patriots 34-28FavoriteFavoriteOver
50 - 2016Panthers vs. BroncosPanthers -5, O/U 43.5Broncos 24-10UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XLIX - 2015Seahawks vs. PatriotsPick’em, O/U 47.5Patriots 28-24Pick’emPick’emOver
XLVIII - 2014Seahawks vs. BroncosBroncos -2.5, O/U 47.5Seahawks 43-8UnderdogUnderdogOver
XLVII - 201349ers vs. Ravens49ers -4.5, O/U 48.0Ravens 34-31UnderdogUnderdogOver
XLVI - 2012Giants vs. PatriotsPatriots -2.5, O/U 53.5Giants 21-17UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XLV - 2011Packers vs. SteelersPackers -3, O/U 45.0Packers 31-25FavoriteFavoriteOver
XLIV - 2010Saints vs. ColtsColts -5, O/U 57.0Saints 31-17UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XLIII - 2009Steelers vs. CardinalsSteelers -7, O/U 46.0Steelers 27-23FavoriteUnderdogOver
XLII - 2008Giants vs. PatriotsPatriots -12, O/U 55.0Giants 17-14UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XLI - 2007Colts vs. BearsColts -7, O/U 47.0Colts 29-17FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XL - 2006Steelers vs. SeahawksSteelers -4, O/U 47.0Steelers 21-10FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XXXIV - 2005Patriots vs. EaglesPatriots -7, O/U 46.5Patriots 24-21FavoriteUnderdogUnder
XXXVIII - 2004Patriots vs. PanthersPatriots -7, O/U 37.5Patriots 32-29FavoriteUnderdogOver
XXXVII - 2003Buccaneers vs. RaidersRaiders -4, O/U 44.0Buccaneers 48-21UnderdogUnderdogOver
XXXVI - 2002Patriots vs. RamsRams -14, O/U 53.0Patriots 20-17UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XXXV - 2001Ravens vs. GiantsRavens -3, O/U 33.0Ravens 34-7FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXXIV - 2000Rams vs. TitansRams -7, O/U 45.0Rams 23-16FavoritePushUnder
XXXIII - 1999Broncos vs. FalconsBroncos -7.5, O/U 52.5Broncos 34-19FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXXII - 1998Broncos vs. PackersPackers -11, O/U 49.0Broncos 31-24UnderdogUnderdogOver
XXXI - 1997Packers vs. PatriotsPackers -14, O/U 49.0Packers 35-21FavoritePushOver
XXX - 1996Cowboys vs. SteelersCowboys -13.5, O/U 51.0Cowboys 27-17FavoriteUnderdogUnder
XXIX - 199549ers vs. Chargers49ers -18.5, O/U 53.549ers 49-26FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXVIII - 1994Cowboys vs. BillsCowboys -10.5, O/U 50.5Cowboys 30-13FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XXVII - 1993Cowboys vs. BillsCowboys -6.5, O/U 44.5Cowboys 52-17FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXVI - 1992Washington vs. BillsWashington -7, O/U 49.0Washington 37-24FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXV - 1991Giants vs. BillsBills -7, O/U 40.5Giants 20-19UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XXIV - 199049ers vs Broncos49ers -12, O/U 48.049ers 55-10FavoriteFavoriteOver
XXIII - 198949ers vs. Bengals49ers -7, O/U 48.049ers 20-16FavoriteUnderdogUnder
XXII - 1988Washington vs. BroncosBroncos -3, O/U 47.0Washington 42-10UnderdogUnderdogOver
XXI - 1987Giants vs. BroncosGiants -9.5, O/U 40.0Giants 39-20FavoriteFavoriteOver
XX - 1986Bears vs. PatriotsBears -1, O/U 37.5Bears 46-10FavoriteFavoriteOver
XIX - 198549ers vs. Dolphins49ers -3.5, O/U 53.549ers 38-16FavoriteFavoriteOver
XVIII - 1984Raiders vs. WashingtonWashington -3, O/U 48.0Raiders 38-9UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XVII - 1983Washington vs. DolphinsDolphins -3, O/U 36.5Washington 27-17UnderdogUnderdogOver
XVI - 198249ers vs. Bengals49ers -1, O/U 48.049ers 26-21FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XV - 1981Raiders vs. EaglesEagles -3, O/U 37.5Raiders 27-10UnderdogUnderdogUnder
XIV - 1980Steelers vs. RamsSteelers -10.5, O/U 36.0Steelers 31-19FavoriteFavoriteOver
XIII - 1979Steelers vs. CowboysSteelers -3.5, O/U 37.0Steelers 35-31FavoriteFavoriteOver
XII - 1978Cowboys vs. BroncosCowboys -6, O/U 39.0Cowboys 27-10FavoriteFavoriteUnder
XI - 1977Raiders vs. VikingsRaiders -4, O/U 38.0Raiders 34-14FavoriteFavoriteOver
X - 1976Steelers vs. CowboysSteelers -7, O/U 36.0Steelers 21-17FavoriteUnderdogOver
IX - 1975Steelers vs. VikingsSteelers -3, O/U 33.0Steelers 16-6FavoriteFavoriteUnder
VIII - 1974Dolphins vs. VikingsDolphins -6.5, O/U 33.0Dolphins 24-7FavoriteFavoriteUnder
VII - 1973Dolphins vs. WashingtonDolphins -1, O/U 33.0Dolphins 14-7FavoriteFavoriteUnder
VI - 1972Cowboys vs. DolphinsCowboys -6, O/U 34.0Cowboys 24-3FavoriteFavoriteUnder
V - 1971Colts vs. CowboysColts -2.5, O/U 36.0Colts 16-13FavoriteFavoriteUnder
IV - 1970Chiefs vs. VikingsVikings -12, O/U 39.0Chiefs 23-7UnderdogUnderdogUnder
III - 1969Jets vs. ColtsColts -18, O/U 40.0Jets 16-7UnderdogUnderdogUnder
II - 1968Packers vs. RaidersPackers -13.5, O/U 43.5Packers 33-14FavoriteFavoriteOver
I - 1967Packers vs. ChiefsPackers -14, No totalPackers 35-10FavoriteFavoriteNA
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