Are 12 Online Sportsbooks Enough For North Carolina Sports Betting?

Up to a dozen online sportsbooks could open for business in North Carolina if the state legalizes sports betting.

Online sports betting in North Carolina isn’t available yet, but that could change soon. A new bill in the state Senate could open the floodgates for the online industry.

A dozen betting apps to pick from sounds like a lot, but how does that number compare with other states?

12 North Carolina online sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks are an essential part of the industry in sports betting states nationwide. Since most companies offer smartphone apps, they make the process easy by letting residents in legal states place bets from the comfort of home.

If North Carolina’s sports betting bill succeeds, the Tar Heel State would license at least 10, but no more than 12, of these online sportsbooks.

A dozen different sportsbooks would give North Carolinians plenty of options. More than a few companies would be itching to launch in the market.

Generally speaking, the more sportsbook options, the better. A full market helps keep things competitive, leading to better deals for sports fans. Visit our exclusive promotions page to explore all the top NC online sportsbook bonuses for July 2024.

North Carolina’s bill would also allow the owners of the state’s tribal casinos to launch their own online sportsbooks. These books wouldn’t count against the 12 sportsbook limit, so North Carolina bettors could have even more options if the tribes decide to get in on the sports betting action.

Similar number of options compared with other states

All things considered, a dozen different sportsbooks is a solid number of operators for a state such as North Carolina. Some states have more, but the Tar Heel State should have more than enough to satisfy bettors.

Neighboring Tennessee has 12 active online sportsbooks taking bets in the state. Virginia, on the other hand, clocks in a little higher at 16.

Around a dozen options are pretty standard for a sports betting state of North Carolina’s size.

Even with that in mind, lawmakers could still change the upper limit for sportsbooks in the state. The final tally could shift in either direction as North Carolina’s sports betting bill makes its way through the state Senate.

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