Best Ways To Bet Legally On The Super Bowl In North Carolina

Legal online sports betting won’t be available in North Carolina in time for the Super Bowl on February 11. However, there are ways to place a “bet” on the NFL’s big game in the Tar Heel State.

Daily fantasy sports operators PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy and Betr Picks each allow prop-style bets to be placed on the Super Bowl in their apps.

You’ll need to carefully follow the terms and conditions of these fantasy apps to make the Super Bowl outcome interesting (and potentially profitable).

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Daily fantasy sports operators in North Carolina


PrizePicks offers proposition-style competitions where users can place picks on a wide range of Super Bowl prop bets. For example, “Patrick Mahomes will pass for 233 yards.” A user decides if Mahomes will pass for “less” or “more” yards than what is listed. That is the basic format.

Users place between two and six picks, with odds ranging from 1.25X to 25X the wagered amount. PrizePicks also offers Flex and Power Plays. Flex Plays allow users to miss a specified number of picks to win a smaller portion of the payout. Power Plays, on the other hand, allow players to earn higher payouts but require all picks to be correct.

A new feature called “Demons and Goblins” allows users to ONLY SELECT MORE on alternate entries. These two entry types work in opposing ways. Demons are more difficult bets to win, but winning a demon bet can accrue up to 100X the original bet. Goblins are easier bets to win but pay out at lower values.

It’s important to note that with DFS apps, players do not compete against someone else or the odds. The player wins money only if they correctly predict outcomes.

Underdog Fantasy

Like PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy offers a contest-style platform that enables users to select Super Bowl betting options that look very similar to proposition bets.

In its Player Prop Pick ‘Em category, Underdog Fantasy provides a way to put together a docket of player “game props.” You select “Higher” or “Lower” for specific game stats like individual rushing yards or total sacks and put those picks into one pick ’em bundle, which is much like a parlay. If they all succeed, you win.

You can select between two and five picks, and your winnings are multiplied by the number of correct picks you make. From 3X for guessing two correct picks to 20X for guessing five correct picks.

Betr Picks

Betr Picks, Betr’s fantasy sports product, offers yet another prop-style format.

With Betr Picks, users can make between two and eight player-prop predictions on the Super Bowl, with payouts reaching up to 100X for correctly guessing eight picks.

Given the immense popularity of the Super Bowl, not only as a betting event but culturally, people will find ways to make the game interesting.

These apps, all available for free download in North Carolina, are options in 2024, months before the launch of NC sports betting.


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