Which Sports Would You Be Able To Bet On In North Carolina?

Every legal sports betting state has a different list of sports available for wagering. North Carolina will have to plot out its own list before long.

North Carolina online sports betting is on the horizon and could be legal within a few weeks. If that happens, state regulators will have some decisions to make.

The usual sports betting suspects

Retail in-person sportsbooks already exist in North Carolina with their own slates of betting options, but they get to play by their own rules since they exist within tribal casinos on sovereign land.

The North Carolina Education Lottery would regulate the state’s online sports betting industry under the current plans. The group would have the final say on what sports betting apps would be able to take action on.

That list is sure to include many of the sports betting staples that are available around the country, including:

NFL betting.

MLB betting.

NBA betting.

NHL betting.

North Carolina lawmakers also have included college sports in the current version of the state’s sports betting bill. College betting has been a contentious issue for the proposed legislation, but at least for now, it’s still on the table.

These options are the bread and butter of legal sports betting states, so thankfully for sports fans in North Carolina, they should all be available for betting.

However, there are still question marks for some of the other sports betting options you can find around the U.S.

Oddball options from other states

Some states are slightly more lenient with what they’re willing to allow betting on. That can lead to regulators giving the thumbs up to some of the more out-there ideas that sportsbooks come up with.

Betting on the Academy Awards is a prime example of this.

The winners of the Oscars are predetermined by voters each year. Since the results don’t happen in real-time, some states refuse to take bets on the yearly award show.

Other states, such as Indiana, have been more eager to allow these types of bets. The argument is that even though winners are determined beforehand, the results are kept a secret from the general public. That makes it safe enough for regulators in the state to stomach.

Indiana has also given the green light to betting on other oddball events, such as the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest and celebrity boxing.

These betting options aren’t available in every state, so North Carolina would have to make some decisions. The major sports would surely be around, but some of the more wacky options are up in the air.

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